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prime minister

No description

ethan mulligan

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of prime minister

australian prime

time line
1966-67 Harold Holt Liberal
1967-68 John McEwan Country
1968-71 John Gorton Liberal
1971-72 John McMahon Liberal
1972-75 Gough Whitlam Labor
1975-83 Malcolm Fraser Liberal
1983-91 Robert Hawke Labor
1991-96 Paul Keating Labor
1996-2007 John Howard Liberal
2007-10 Kevin Rudd Labor
2010-13Julia Gillard Labor
2013-? kevin rudd labor
stanley bruce 1923-29 nationalist
james scullin 1929-32 Labor
Joseph Lyons 1932-39 United
Earle Page 1939 Country
1939-41 Robert Menzies United
1941 Arthur Fadden Country
1941-45 John Curtin Labor
1945 Francis Forde Labor
1945-49 Ben Chifley Labor
1949-66 Robert Menzies Liberal
vice regal termination
what is it and and who did it happen to?
Vice regal termination is the demission of vice-regal representatives from the government commanded by the governor generalnless they have no reasonable alternative
andrew fisher 1908-09 labor
alfred deakin 1909-10 fusion
andrew fisher 1910-13 labor
joseph cook 1913-14 liberal
andrew fisher 1914 -15 labor
william huges 1915-17 labor
william huges 1917-23 nationalist
list of parties
Edmund Barton 1901-o3 protectionist
Alfred deakin 1903-04
John watson 1904 labor
george ried 1904-05
free trade
alfred deakin (again) 1905-08 protectionist
labor 15
liberal 7
country 4
protectionist 3
united 2
nationalist 2
fusion 1
free trade 1
longest and shortest standing prime minister
Robert menzies
18 years total as
prime minister
of austraila.
born 20 dec 1894
died 15 may 1978
frank forde
From this information i have gathered that there were more leaders from labor,with fusion and free trade being the lowest amount of times in parliment.
prime minister for
8 days total!
born 18 july 1890
died 28 jan 1983
it happened to gough witlam
There have been 7 PMs who have been appointed; however, they haven’t actually won an election. How can this occur?
This can occur by his or her party not agreeing
or not liking them, therefore chosing adifferent polotician in their party, this event occured
when Kevin rudd was replaced with Julia gillard
our current prime minister.
interesting facts: - There have been 27 Prime Ministers and 43 elections up to 2012. - The 27 Prime Ministers have served 32 separate terms of office. - 10 Prime Ministers have been defeated at a general election: Deakin, Fisher, Cook, Bruce, Scullin, Chifley, McMahon, Fraser, Keating, Howard. - There have been 21 changes of Prime Minister without an election. Reasons include vice-regal intervention: Whitlam voluntary departure: Barton, Fisher, Page, Forde, McEwen, Menzies party-room coups: Hughes, Menzies, Gorton, Hawke, Rudd death: Lyons, Curtin, Holt defeat in Parliament: Deakin (2), Watson, Reid, Fisher, Fadden - There have been 7 Prime Ministers who never won an election: Watson, Reid, Page, Fadden, Forde, McEwen, McMahon. - There have been 10 Opposition Leaders who contested elections but never became Prime Minister: Tudor, Charlton, Evatt, Calwell, Snedden, Hayden, Peacock, Hewson, Beazley & Latham.
alfred deakin
Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second Prime Minister, was also the fifth and the seventh.
He was in office three times in the first ten years of Federation.

Often referred to as ‘the constructor’, his work in building soundly on the nation’s constitutional foundations is evident a century later.

Perhaps the finest speaker in the Australian parliament’s first century, Deakin’s love of learning informed his political life. Handsome and intelligent, his courteous manner earned him the nickname ‘Affable Alfred’.
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