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Preschool Teachers and Specialized Training in Special Educa

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Edna Barreto

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Preschool Teachers and Specialized Training in Special Educa

Research question:
How preschool teachers are addressing the needs and supports of children with special needs in the classroom, as well as understanding what strategies they are using in private and public preschools?
Qualitative research:
2 Observations at each preschool.
Interviews at two preschools (public and private)
Data Collection Process
I conducted 3 interviews and 3 observations.
Transcribed the interviews and identify some patterns.
There were 4 codes that seem relevant to the research question.

Burning Question
Preschool Teachers and Specialized Training in Special Education
Research Study

Edna Barreto
Do the codes make sense?
Is it clear and relevant to my study?
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