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Snow Treasure

No description

Diana Reyes

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Snow Treasure

When Hitler's forces invade Norway, the adults of Riswyk plan to smuggle the country's gold to America, where it would safely be hidden away from the Nazis. In order for this to happen, they must rely on the children of Riswyk to carry the gold on their sleds to a hidden ship. A boy named Peter Lundstrom leads the children of Riswyk, with the help of his siter Lovis and two friends Helga and Michael , to transport the gold past the Nazi soldiers and sentries. Because Spring is almost coming, it becomes more difficult for the kids to transport the gold on their sleds.

When a Nazi tries to reopen the school to keep the children from sledding, the town's doctor tells him of a false epidemic that has been affecting the smaller children and that he cannot open the school with an epidemic around. Because of this, the children have more time to keep sledding. It is later discovered that a Nazi has been watching the children all along. The Nazi is held captive by Peter's uncle, who is the captain of the ship, and his sailing mate Rolls. He reveals that his name is Jan Lasek and that he is also a Pole who was captured by the Nazis when they invaded Poland and was force to serve the German army. He asks Peter's uncle, Victor, to take him to America because he says he has relatives there.
Victor agrees to take Jan to America but also keeps him as a prisoner, incase it is a trick. To keep the Nazis from discovering the gold that is burried in the snow, Peter throws a snowball at the Commandant. Peter is held prisoner on the Nazi ship for what he did but is then rescued by Jan and Victor. In the end of the story, Peter, Victor, Jan leave to America on Victor's ship along with the gold.
Snow Treasure
written by Marie McSwigan
The story takes place in the country of Norway in the year 1940 during World War II. It tells the story of how several Norwegain kids try to smuggle their country's gold with their sleds to a ship where it would safely be taken to America.
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