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the School Of Athens : Raphael

No description

Giovanna Chavez

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of the School Of Athens : Raphael

Raphael Sanzio
Italian Renaissance painter and architect
Born in Urbino, Italy in 1483
Served as an apprentice for Andrea del Verrochio
Rival of Michelangelo
Best known for his Madonna's and his compositions in the Vatican
Supported by the Medici family and Pope Leo X
Linear perspective gives an illusion of depth
Compositional movement
Use of geometric shapes and patterns to create movement
Lines converge to the center of the painting
Symmetry of architecture: windows, doorway and barrel-vaulted arches
Truth Acquired Through Reason
Academic and Didactic Mood
Plato, Aristotle
Theme of contrast of thought
"I Am Still Learning"- Michelangelo
Successful because of appeal to multiple audiences
Surface level satisfaction
Symmetry, Vibrant Colors, Non-Flat Figures
Deeper appreciation
Recognition of philosophers
Michelangelo resembles Heraclitus
Plato resembles Leonardo da Vinci
the School Of Athens
Disputation of the Holy Sacrament
The Transfiguration
The Marriage of the Virgin
Sistine Madonna
School of Athens
Michelangelo portrayed as a sculptor
Da Vinci
Raphael in the
School of Athens
He is facing an unknown woman, thought to be his side chick.
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