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English II: Grimm Brothers

No description

Michele Martey

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of English II: Grimm Brothers

The Grimm Brothers Michele Martey Biography Afterward Six Years Later. . . In 1806 May 27, 1808 Philipp Wilhelm Grimm Dies Wilhelm Karl Grimm Philipp Wilhelm Grimm & Dorothea Grimm. Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm It is very rare to find two authors to come together and form something so remarkable and unforgettable to mankind Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm Not every author can write over 200 short stories successfully, nor even write a German dictionary effectively in one lifetime Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm conveyed truth through their character’s actions and thoughts, which lead to them leaving the world as great authors Was born on January 4, 1785 in Hanau, Germany
Jacob was one of the oldest surviving sons out of his family Was born on February 24, 1786 in Hanau, Germany, a year after his brother, Jacob
Wilhelm was also one of the oldest surviving sons out of his family Philipp and Dorothea were parents to Jacob and Wilhelm. Philipp was a lawyer and a court official. On January 10, 1796 Philipp Grimm died. Jacob, the oldest, was only 11 years old Jacob attends University of Marburg,
studying law.
In 1803, a year later, Wilhelm joins Jacob at Marburg and
also studies law. Jacob and Wilhelm began to collect folktales from the influence by the collection of Clemens Brentano and Achim von Armin Dorothea Grimm dies on May 27, 1808. Jacob becomes a librarian at Kassel to support his family, which was then followed by Wilhelm. Quality Of Their Work During the 19th century, the Grimm Brothers made a science of the study of folklore, which made the standards for examining and researching folklores
even higher In 1857,
The Final Version, 7th Edition to Children' and Household Tales was published In 1814,
the Volume 2 of Children' and Household Tales was written, which included 70 stories. The two books combined
were a total of
156 folk tales In 1812,
Jacob and Wilhelm published the book Children' and Household Tales which contained 86 folk tales Children' and Household Tales The Final Edition to Children' and Household Tales Consisted of over 200 Folk Tales Other Major Works:
Old German Forest
Poor Heinrich
Lays from the Elder Edda
German Legends
Irish Fairy Tales In 1825, Wilhelm Grimm marries Henriette Dorothea Wild Henriette Dorothea Wild, together with other members of her family, had provided Jacob and Wilhelm with many of their best folktale texts. Legacy Wilhelm Karl Grimm, at 73,
died on
December 16, 1859
in Berlin Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm died at 78, on September 20,
1863 in Berlin Reception Of
Jacob & Wilhelm's Work Children’ and Household Tales
was not an immediate bestseller, but its popularity
grew with each edition . . . generally on the basis that
the stories were unappealing to children. The brothers responded with modifications and rewrites. . .

Many of the Grimm stories were produced and made into to movies The Grimm brothers were also on the design of the front Deutsche mark, German money By the 1870s the tales had increased greatly in popularity, to the point they were added to the teaching curriculum in Prussia. In the 20th century the work has maintained status as second only to the Bible as the most popular book in German The library at the Humboldt University, in Berlin is housed in the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center. Among its collections is a large portion of the Grimm Brothers' private library Linguistics, Folklore, and a
German Dictionary! “He who helped
you when you were in trouble
ought not afterwards be
despised by you” “Love is like death, it must come to us all, but to each his own unique way and time, sometimes it will be avoided, but never can it be cheated, and never will it be forgotten,” said by Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm. Thanks For Listening!
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