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Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen: Interactive Oral Presentaion

No description

Thahmina Rahman

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen: Interactive Oral Presentaion

Banana Yoshimoto's
: Interactive Oral Presentaion

Modernism rejected traditionalism and instead created new forms of expression based on new concepts in psychoanalysis (such as a focus on the self)
Post modernism challenges modernism's confidence in “fact” and “reality”
Post modernism was a movement which held the belief that truths and realities were only social constructs and that society imposes labels and classifications that are too severe and black and white (ex. male/female, gay/straight/, black/white)
Modernism was concerned with: identity, unity, authority, certainty
Post modernism was concerned with: difference, plurality, textuality, skepticism
Modernism attempts to construct coherent world view whereas post modernism attempts to remove all constructs
What does post-modernism look like in literature?
Post-modern literature is marked stylistically using some of the following literary conventions:
unreliable narrators
unrealistic plots
dark humor
authorial self-reference
Authors of post-modern literature have a tendency to reject the meaning in their novels, stories or poems.
Instead they highlight the possibility of multiple meanings, or a complete lack of meaning, within a single literary work.
Post-modern literature rejects the boundaries between 'high' and 'low' forms of art and literature. Also it rejects the distinctions between different genres and forms of writing and storytelling.
Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen was published in 1988, when many writers and even more critics were preoccupied with literary post-modernism. What is post-modernism? What is its relation to modernism? What does post-modernism look like in literature? Are there any distinguishing traits of a “post-modern” novel?
What is postmodernism?
Are there any distinguishing traits of a “post-modern” novel?
Dark humor
Intertextuality (the relationship between texts)
Metafiction (writing about writing)
Fragmentation (when information is broken up through text)
More techniques used in post-modern literature:
Pastiche: Taking various ideas from previous writings and literary styles and putting them together to make new styles.
Temporal Distortion: The use of non-linear timelines and narrative techniques in a story.
Maximalism: Disorganized, lengthy, highly detailed writing.
Magical Realism: The introduction of impossible or unrealistic events into a narrative that is otherwise realistic.
Faction: The mixing of actual historical events with fictional events without clearly defining what is factual and what is fictional.
Reader Involvement: Often through direct address to the reader and the open acknowledgment of the fictional nature of the events being described.
What is the relation between post-modernism and modernism?
Postmodernism was a series of trends and movements in the arts and literature that developed in the 1970s.
Postmodernism was the rejection of the principles or practices that established during modernism.
The post modern movement played a big role in architecture. It rejected the modernist, avant garde, passion for the new.
Modernist values were rejected by architectural postmodernism in the 50's and 60's for conservative reasons.
Why do you think
was a post-modern novel? What aspects of post-modernism are visible in
Where does post-modernism exist?
Postmodernism is a concept that appears in a wide variety areas:
Postmodernism was a style/concept that developed in the late 20th century in many areas such as art and literature.
It was a departure from modernism and it's values.
There are many similarities and differences between modernism and post modernism.
Post-modern literature is marked stylistically and ideologically.
There are many aspects of post-modern literature like fragmentation and irony.
Many of these aspects are visible in
Group Work Time!
Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Group 4:
Mika Yana Elijah Joanne
Stephanie Deanna Sarah Lilian
Lisa Josip Jack

Pick a topic randomly. Answer the following questions on a piece of chart paper and present your answers.

How do you think post-modernism is used to convey the following themes/symbols in Kitchen?
In what ways is kitchen a post-modern novel?
How do you think the novel would have been different if it wasn’t written in the post-modern era? What aspects of it will change/stay the same?
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