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Enclos Employee Orientation

No description

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Enclos Employee Orientation

Before We Begin
Shift Hours
Offer Letter
Please verify the following:
hourly wage (as discussed previously)
Please hand back your offer letter. A copy will be made and returned to you later
Voluntary Disclosure for Disability
Emergency Contact Form
Keep in mind:
Emergency contact:

Someone who is able to handle the information

Medical Condition:
Any sort of allergies
Where your medication is located

Employee Verification Eligibility Form
List A
Identification and employment
Tax Forms
Direct Deposit Form
Checking or savings account
Routing and account number
Voided Check
Employee Packet
Cover Page
Check box: I have received the employee handbook

Print your first and last name


Write today's date
Initial Hire Paperwork
Please make sure to fill out the following:
A disability is how YOU define disability
List B and C
List B is identity
List C is employment authorization
Employee Policy
What we expect
What you should expect
Either excused or unexcused

Always be at your station 10 minutes prior to designated start time

Pending emergencies, let somebody know
ask for numbers
Notification line and card

Inclement Weather
Communicate with Supervisor
Your safety is important to us

Dress Code
1. Proper Equipment
Safety glasses
Ear plugs
Side shields
Cell Phone Usage
You are NOT allowed a cellphone on the floor
Must be kept in locker
Pending emergencies, let somebody know
Able to check on breaks or lunch
It is a safety issue
Don't put yourself at risk
Employee Referral Program
Up to a $500 reward
You must be here at least 6 months
Your referral must last 6 months
Shoe Voucher
Red Wings additional 15%
Work Duds additional 10%
$75 coupon
Shop Flex Time
Time Keeping
You are not allowed to clock in for anybody else
Punch in and out 4 times a day
Lunch in
Lunch out
To leave for the day
Employee Benefits
Help you save money and time
Protect you from financial hardships
Encourage you to work harder and stay on the job
Help you promote your values

To create a safe and secure work environment

So you know...
2. Shirts
Uniform shirts
Coverage of chest, sides, back, stomach
Cannot be altered
Nothing potentially offensive
3. Pants
Jeans or cargo pants
Belted at all times
No capris, or rolled up pants
4. Shoes
Sturdy work shoes

You know what it takes to do the job. Your referrals are appreciated and taken seriously
Floating Holiday
One floating holiday a year
after 6 months
may not be carried over to another year
Paid Time off
Includes 8 holidays (section 4)
No holiday pay during FMLA of disability leave
Medical, dental, and vision
Who's covered?
Spouses and children up to the age of 26
When can I get my insurance?
Upon eligibility after hire date
What type?
Paid Time Off
At least 6 months of employment
You start accruing as of today
In 3 years you will receive up to 3 weeks of paid time off
9 paid holidays
Eligible as of today
Floating Holiday:
One day in the year
Does not carry over
Must use in one day
After 6 months
Paid Holidays:
401k Salary and Profit Sharing Plan
401k Program:
Eligible after working 3 months
Match up to 5%
It is always your money
Profit Sharing:
When the company gives a percent of the profit to all employees
not necessarily your money
Must be working at least 2 years
Life Insurance
In the case of any death your family is granted:
Salary amount + $10,000
Free at no cost, as of today
T-Shirt Form
Building the world's finest curtain wall
Employee Policy
Employee Benefits
About Enclos
Employee Handbook
Drug and Alcohol
Violation of work rule
You are never allowed to work under any sort of drug or alcohol influence
Safety Hazard
Putting yourself and others at risk
Threatening Behavior
Report immediately
Fighting is a prohibited conduct
If you feel you need space or a small break please get off the floor
Don't put yourself or others at risk
It's not worth your life or your job
Smoke-free workplaces
Smoking is permitted in designated areas only
Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action
Smoking is a privilege not a right
Image & Name Use
Be careful of where you wear your Enclos t-shirt
Try not to drink in public with the company name on you
Especially how you also carry yourself
Use common sense and good judgement
We do not judge based on race, sex, color, sexual orientation, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, gender identity, veteran status, disability or other legally protected characteristics.
Employment at Will
Employee Handbook
Use in making decisions
Following procedures
Dealing with co-workers
How to use common sense
How to use good judgement
Firearms and weapons
Work Place Discrimination
Equal opportunity, respect, and dignity
Welcome to
What is Curtainwall?
The facade of a building
Typically "hung" from a building's structure (hence the "curtain" reference
Primary function is to resist air and water infiltration
To provide a thermal barrier between the inside and out
CH Holdings and Subsidiaries
Enclos Corporation
Cupples, Inc
Cupples Products
Environmental Interiors, Inc
Mission and Vision
To Enclos the world's finest buildings with the world's finest curtainwalls

To be the curtainwall company of choice
Who are we?
Continual learning and teaching of others in area of expertise
Understanding the importance of your position
Creatively solve problems on the fly with consistent and efficient solutions
Caring about the product and the process
Ability to conceptualize
Forward Thinking
Anticipating problems and developing solutions in all stages
Coaching others to understand "why" behind our daily operations
Developing consistent and efficient solutions to maximize productivity
Empower other to creatively solve problems
Revolutionizing our industry with the right tools and technology
That doesn't look normal! I should let somebody know!
Willing to be held accountable and holding other accountable
Assuming ownership by taking a task and seeing it through it completion
Admitting mistakes and learning from them
Looking for solutions to problem instead of blaming
Taking pride in appearance of self, work area, and product
Personal Responsibility
Safety & Wellbeing
Building an environment where everyone feels expected and empowered to act
Creating understanding of our benefits and helping networks
Looking for ways to improve ergonomics
Establishing work life balance by allowing employees appropriate time to recharge
Appropriately caring about others welfare and personal health
John Hancock Center
New York City
World Trade Center
Los Angeles
Getty Center
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Millennium Tower
Philadelphia, PA
Residences at Ritz Carlton
Richmond, VA
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Washington, DC
Constitution Center
New York, NY
Jacob Javits Convention Center
Nashville, TN
Music City Center
Miramar, FL
Benjamin P. Grogan & Jerry L. Dove Federal Building
New York, NY
Fulton Center
New York, NY
625 West 57th Street
New York, NY
Hudson Yards
New York, NY
56 Leonard
Beginning mock up 2016
Iconic Residential Tower
145 spatially innovative homes
60 stories
New York, NY
Hudson Yards: Tower C
Estimated Completion: 2018
What we build
Our goal is to keep you here as long as we can
Veteran Status
Sexual Harassment
If you're willing to say it, be willing to be held accountable for it
Hostile work environment, never tolerated
Quid pro Quo is illegal
Weapons are prohibited on our private property
Exceptions to weaponry objects if they only help you do your job (ex. box cutter)
Do not use surrounding objects as a weapon
Capital One
McLean Virginia
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