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Lamont and Beyond!

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Transcript of Lamont and Beyond!

Lamont Library
...and beyond
Welcome to Lamont!
...and a bit further!
Get help with your research and find a comfortable place to study in one of the other Harvard Libraries.

Be sure to find time to take in some of the amazing things in our collections such as Harry Houdini's handcuffs or Julia Child's cookbooks.
The Writing Center
Have a tutor help you with any aspect of your writing.

Bureau of Study Counsel
Learn how to tackle assignments, stay organized, and study more effectively.

Level 3
Woodberry Poetry Room
Level 2
Research Librarians
Level 4
Level 1
Level A
Level C
Level B
Level D

A quiet space to read and study.
The LRC supports many of the more than 80 ancient and modern languages taught at Harvard.

It also streams movies for classes, especially language classes.

But you don’t need to be taking a language course to use the Language Resource Center. It’s a spot where you can come to study anytime.

The Language Resource Center
Librarians can work with you one-on-one to learn how to navigate the library and research more effectively.

You can also text or email questions to research librarians with our Ask-A-Librarian service.
Get Media Help

Features equipment for creating, editing, and publishing a wide variety of multimedia projects.

Harvard Map Collection

Discover rare and unique maps from across time and across the world.

University Archives

Explore historic documents relating to Harvard's history.

Government Documents

Locate official documents from countries and organizations around the world.


Find collections that are only on microfilm or microfiche, including the papers of the NAACP, the Watergate Investigation file, and more.
Lamonster Cave
No humans allowed!
Farnsworth Room
Woodberry Poetry Room
Donatelli Reading Room
Comfortable study areas and a collection of books for pleasure reading, including graphic novels, mysteries, science fiction, travel books, books about Harvard, and much more.
An unparalleled collection of 20th and 21st century English-language poetry materials. It houses one of the largest archives of spoken word recordings in the world.

Get research help, check out books, course reserves, chargers, and more.
Main Desk
Lamont Cafe
Get caffeinated, hang out with friends, and study.
Larsen Room
Ginsberg Reading Room
A comfortable place to read and study, with a view of Dudley Garden.
Project and collaborate on group projects
Media Collection
Includes books on music, sound recordings, and videos and DVDs.

More than 70 other libraries to explore!
Houghton Library
Harvard Map Collection
The Barker Center (home of the Writing Center)
Schlesinger Library
User Research Center
Conducts in-person and online studies on how our libraries can better meet the needs of the Harvard community. Stop by anytime to participate in an ongoing study or to join our study pool.
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