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All About Me: Ashley


Ashley Burfitt

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of All About Me: Ashley

My History: Something Important I like to dance, ALOT. I also like to play the piano and make up new songs, and sing, and talk, sometimes. Interests I'm good at alot of things, like: dancing, singing, cooking, talking, skating, taking care of little kids, but not typing I have messed up on half of the words trying to type this. Skills Arkansas Works Results Personality Traits Learning Style I would like to be a doctor or an entertainer. Those are my dream jobs because I was always interested since I was little and it sorta stuck. Dream Job Education Goals All About Me: Ashley I was born August 6th, 1999. I have 3 brothers and no sisters..sadly. I'm from Watertown, New York but I don't remember anything from there, though. I don't really know anything that important to tell you..Ooh I have a doggie. His name is Czar, it's Russian for king..So I'm basically calling my dog a king. Interest Assessment:
Performing Arts: Work in the theatrical and musical productions; Belongs in the Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications
Visual Arts: Create works of art using various items; Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications
Early Childhood Development and Services: Take care of children and lead them in learning activities; Human Services
Personal Care Services: Improve physical appearance of others; Human Services
Marketing Communications: Make plans to market a product or service; Marketing I'm a Kinesthetic Learner which means I like hands on projects better than audio or visual things. After high school I want to go to college for a masters degree in medical education. Interests I also like to do the most randomest things like dance in the middle of Wal-Mart. Skills Assessment:
Support Services: Provide services that make patients comfortable; Health Science
Visual Arts: Create works of art using various items; Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications
Design/Pre- Construction: Prepare detailed plans for the construction of buildings; Architecture and Construction
Therapeutic Services: Work with patients to provide medical care or treatment; Health science
Performing Arts: Work in the theatrical and musical production; Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications Work Values Assessment:
Innovation- Having the opportunity to do my work in new ways and with independence.
Work Place- Working in a comfortable,attractive work space where the supervisors and co-workers are supportive and friendly.
Accomplishment- Having the feeling that what I do in my work is important and making a contribution. Doctor falls under the Health Science career cluster. Entertainer falls under the Art, Audio-Video Technology and Communications career cluster. He sorta looks like this
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