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Cash Flow Productivity at PepsiCo

No description

Nneka Parsons

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Cash Flow Productivity at PepsiCo

Pepsi Co.
Distribution Logistics
What is
Cross Docking?
Direct Store Delivery
What is the significance of Cash Flow Analysis for Pepsi?

Focusing on Operating, Investing, and Financing Activities
Gross Margin vs Cash Flow Analysis
Income Statement vs. Statement of Cash Flows
Accrual Accounting Method
Cash Flow Analysis effects on retailers' Cash Flow Statement

Operating Activities
Investing Activities
Financing Activities
How Does the Distribution of Pepsi Help in Generating Cash?
DSD System (Direct - Store - Delivery System)
Upfront cost for higher volume sales
Saves Retailers
Labor Costs
Shipping and Transportation Costs
Inventory Carrying Costs
What are the earnings per share between 2008 and 2009?
an indicator of a company's profitability
considered to be the single most important
variable in determining a share's price
So...With all this said...
Pepsi Co. is the largest publicly held food and beverage business in the U.S.
2009 Total Sales revenue of 43.2 billion

Pepsi owned 19 Blockbuster brands that each generated over $1 billion in estimated annual worldwide retails sales.
Products purchased 3-4 times per month
Lays's Potato Chips
"Performance Series"
1st All Natural Soft Drink
Cash & Cash Equivalents, End of Yr increased $1,879 from previous year.
Total Net Revenue & Long Term Debt reflected poorly in the numbers for 2009.
Core Earnings per share increased 3 cents and Management Operating cash flow increased
Cash Productivity
Accounting 615
Dr. Fawundu
Group Members
Evans- Barnett
Courtney James
Calvin Reed
Nneka Parsons
Warehouse Distribution
Cross Docking
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