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Abby Lee Dance Company (Dance Moms)

No description

Lisa Weaver

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Abby Lee Dance Company (Dance Moms)

Abby Lee Dance Company (Dance Moms)
Abby in Jail
Abby Lee Miller went to jail. The real reason she went to jail is because Abby stole $775,000 from the lifetime series. She was in jail for a year and then was released to halfway house in California and will still be there till May,25. She is on probation for 2 years. Because Abby is not able to be on dance moms Cheryl Bruke will be taking her place.
My Number 1 Favorite Dancer
My number one favorite dancer is Maddie Ziegler. Maddie Zeigler is my favorite dancer because... Maddie in my opinion is the best dancer she only ever failed a dance compation only a few times. Maddie was Abby's Favorite untill she started becoming more famous than Abby. Then Abby didn't like her at all. (Abby was very selfish and still is) Maddie Ziegler sadly quit dance moms but she is still very famous.
What is the ALDC?
The ALDC is a dance company. ALDC stands for Abby Lee Dance Company. Abby Lee Miller is the person in charge of the dance company. The ALDC is in LA in California. ALDC is the dance company but the show is called Dance Moms.
Dance moms
The dance moms are the moms of the kids that dance. Some of the Dance moms are Jill,Holly,Kira,Black patsy,Cathy,Kristy,Melissa,and Jessolyn.
Top 10 Group Dances
Dance Moms and Children
All of the children that dance belong to a dance mom. Maddie and Mackenzie are Melisa children, Jojo is Jessolyn's child, Kalani is Kira's child, Nia is Hooly's child, Brynn is Ashley's chid, Chloe is Kristie's child, Brook and Paige are Kelly's children, and Kendall is Jill's child.
The kids that dance are popular people because they dance or danced on dance moms.Some of the kids that danced or dance on dance moms are Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Jojo, Kalani, Brook, Chloe, Paige, Brynn and Kendall.
The kids That Dance
What is the top ten dances from dance moms? Amber Alert,The Last Text, Where Have All The Children Gone, Suicide Hotline, Boss Ladies, Beautiful Bizarre, Always A Bridesmaid, The Domino Effect, The Bite , and Stomp The Yard.
My Number 2 Favorite Dancer
My 2nd favorite dancer is jojo. Jojo is my 2nd favorite dancer because...Jojo didn't start until about the 6 season. She isn't one of the original seven. If it was number 1 You Tuber it would be Jojo but it is favorite dancer from dance moms. Jojo is still an amazing dancer even though i picked her second. Jojo also does really good in the jazz dances because "she is jazz".
My Number Three Favorite Dancer
My number three favorite dancer is Brynn.Brynn is my number three favorite dancer because...Brynn is an amazing dancer and she is very pretty. Brynn is also a model and was on Americas got talent witch is a show off Dance Moms.
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