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The benefits of widening roads

No description

Antonio Oliveira

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of The benefits of widening roads

The benefits of widening roads
Safety benefits
A website by the name of Road safety Kit explains how widening roads reduces head-on crashes, run-off-road crashes, sideswipe crashes, and it also improves traffic flow making it safer from car crashes. I trust this information because this website is all about making safer roads, making it very reliable. An article made by Letty Aarts explains how speed is a huge safety issue since it increases probability of crashes, especially if over the speed limit, traffic, and on minor roads. But if we widen the roads, there will be much less probable chance for speed crashes since the speed limit will go higher because of more space, there will be much less traffic, and there will be much wider roads for more maneuverability. Making the roads much more safer.
Pollution benefits
An article made by Janet Currie and Reed Walker explain how motor vehicles are a major source of pollution. If we widen roads, there will be much less pollution from motor vehicles since they will reach their destination at a much faster rate, leaving less pollution from the vehicles. In an article made by Seymour J and Girardet H explain how vehicles cause acid rain, has a green house affect, and more environmental problems. But if we widen roads, it will lower the probability of acid rain, lower the green house affect from cars, and other environmental problems since the vehicles will consume less gas because they are able to reach their destination much quicker instead of wasting fuel and letting gas out just waiting because of traffic.
Traffic benefits
problems with roads
An article made by head on collisions summary executive explains that 75% of head on crashes occur on undivided two lane roads. This could be lowered if we widen the roads giving more turning space for the car, giving a much lower chance for a head on crash.
The article made by Janet Currie and Reed Walker also explain how traffic is a big problem for people in a hurry like a pregnant woman, and terrible for the air as I explained before. But road widening can prevent all of this since there are more lanes for more cars, making it much easier to reach your destination in time. A book named stuck in traffic made by Anthony Downs explains how millions of Americans experience traffic congestion every day, is difficult to determine and track reliably, and is increased everyday on high populated areas. But by widening roads, we will be able to determine it reliably, less people will experience it everyday, and will overall lower the rate of traffic congestion.
Quick fact
The roads will now be 3.6 m instead of the original 3 m.
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