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Greek Mythology & Today

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on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Greek Mythology & Today

Ancient Greece & Today
Back then...
In Greek Mythology many different things happen. From golden apples to wars and
journeys it all happens. Back when gods and goddesses ruled the land and creatures of myth brought beauty and destruction to the people of Greece. But have you ever wondered about how this effects our world today? One example is the brand 'Nike'. How does this relate? Well, Nike is also the Greek goddess of victory. Want to know more? Well let's move on!
Ever thought about how something got it's name? Well it might have been Greek Mythology! Many companies turn to the past to get their names! Here are some examples.
Olympus- Cameras and where the gods and goddesses lived
Amazon- powerful women fighters and online retail
Medusa- 1/3 gorgons and cement company
Midas- King with the golden touch and car repair "Trust the Midas touch!"
Odyssey- Greek poem by Homer and mini van by Honda
Mercury- A car brand and Roman name for Hermes
TV & Movies
There are direct references and indirect references as well. For instance Harry Potter has some indirect references that you most likely wouldn't notice. One that sticks out the most is Cerberus, Hades' three headed dog. There's also a centaur. But the one you most likely didn't know is that Minerva McGonagall got her name from the Roman goddess of wisdom, which is the roman name for the Greek goddess Athena! Talk about hard to notice!
Have you ever wondered where your name came from? Well it might be Greek! Alexandra, Anna, Georgia, Sofia, and Maria are all some popular Greek names that you might know! These names like most names have a meaning. Such as Agatha means good and Thanatos means death. An element is even named after a Greek God.
TV & Movies 2
Some of the direct references would be movies or TV shows about the Greek myths. Such as the movie Hercules, Troy, Helen of Troy, both Percy Jackson movies, Wrath of the Titans, Clash of the Titans, The Odyssey, and Immortals. Plus some TV shows influenced by Greek Myths are Supernatural, Merlin, and Charmed
How does it influence us?
Believe it or not music is influenced by Greek Mythology too. Many bands get the base of their songs or the name of their bands from Greek mythology. For insistence have you ever heard of the Muses? They were said to be the inspiration for music, poems, art, and so on. But in today's world most people probably know of Muses as in the band. You might have heard of Styx as well. In Greek Mythology Styx is a river separating the Earth and the Underworld. But you probably know that as the band , as well!
Thanks to...
what I know

You may not realize it but even sports are effected by the ancient Greeks! We've all heard of and/or watched the Olympics, which originated in Greece thousands of years ago.
Some planets (and dwarf planets) are named after Greek Gods as well.
Jupiter: the Roman name for Zeus
Mercury: the Roman name for Hermes
Venus: the Roman name for Aphrodite
Neptune: the Roman name for Poseidon
Pluto: the Roman name for Hades
Mars: Roman name for Ares
Only 3!
Don't waste them!
By: Tessa Neidert
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