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Who Killed JFK?

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on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Who Killed JFK?

Our Opinions We think that there were two shots fired, by two different people. The first shot, seen in Frame 226, may have been fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.

However, the second shot, seen in Frame 312, was fired from in front, not from behind. We thought that this shot was fired by the driver of the vehicle, William Greer. In the video above, you can see that just before the President is shot a second time, the driver of the vehicle turns around and lifts his hand. However, the driver doesn't have a gun.

Overall we think that the driver could be involved in the assassination, although evidence it shows that it wasn't him who shot JFK, so we think that the Secret Service was involved in JFK's death. FOR Lee Harvey Oswald: Who Killed JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald was suspected because he was the only person in the Book Depository Building at the time. He was said by the Warren Commission to have fired three shots within six seconds.

LHO was involved with communism. He looked upon Fidel Castro as a 'hero'. He served in the Marines for a while, then became 'disillusioned' with America and lived in Moscow for 3-4 years. The others in his unit claimed that Oswald was a poor shot, but his sergeant said that his shooting skills were "above average".

He was assassinated by Jack Ruby while Oswald was being transferred from Dallas Police Headquarters to a prison. Jack Ruby claimed that he 'felt sorry for Kennedy's widow and didn't want her to go through further trials'. AGAINST Lee Harvey Oswald Cuban Exiles CIA/Secret Service/FBI Lee Harvey Oswald had a CIA ID card.
There were several inconsistencies between different autopsies done by different people, and the wound was described differently each time. This could be because government organisations are covering facts about the assassination up. The brain of JFK was also lost. One theory is that Robert Kennedy arranged for the brain to be stolen.
The Secret Service may have arranged for JFK to be eliminated. He had links to the Mafia and had many girlfriends, apart from and even though he was married, so they may have decided that JFK was getting dangerous or making decisions that wouldn't benefit the country.

JFK had enemies in Dallas, and Texas was one of the states where he was least popular. He was appearing in public to gain votes to be re-elected as president. Why, then, did the Secret Service let him ride in an open car?
It took the Warren Commission 6 months to interview Ruby after he was charged for killing Oswald. Why did they take so long to interrogate him? All official records of the interrogations of Oswald and Ruby were also lost. Soviet Union/KGB Driver - William Robert Greer Before Kennedy was shot, Greer turned to look at him. After the shot, instead of accelerating quickly away from the scene, he panicked and slowed down.

This would be another theory because according to Kennedy's autopsy report they say the bullet came from the back of his head this means his head should have fallen forward, yet in the video his head falls backwards indicating the bullet was shot from the front. Thanks for watching! JFK'S Assassination Oswald alone was not the main cause of JFK's death, because he was murdered before he had a chance to call a lawyer, which indicates there must have been someone else who was in on the plot. In the Zapruder film, it shows two shots were fired, one weaker shot from behind and another killing shot from what looks like the front. If two shots were fired from two different directions, then one person couldn't have shot both. The "Magic Bullet Theory" has also been disproved, since the theory assumes that Governor Connally was sitting directly in front of JFK, when he was actually sitting diagonally in front of him, in the bullet's path.

Trained FBI and CIA agents attempted to shoot a target from the same place Oswald allegedly shot from. They did hit the target, but none of the shots hit the head or neck, the only death-causing areas. Was it possible for Oswald to be a better shooter than the trained FBI and CIA agents? Oswald had bought a $13.00 gun via newspaper ad. It doesn't seem likely that someone who's planning to assassinate the President of the USA would use a cheap, mail-order gun.

An alleged "lookalike" of Oswald was also seen in the crowd on the streets around the time the shot took place. Oswald claimed that he had been framed, that he was just a 'patsy'. You can see bullets hit at frames 226 and 312 Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson Vice President Johnson didn't have very much respect for President Kennedy. He initially declined the offer to become Vice President, but then later accepted.

In the footage of the assassination, the Vice President was shown exiting the vehicle he was riding in, before the actual shot took place. This may tie in with the Secret Service theory.

In any event that the President did get assassinated, Vice President Johnson stood to gain the most. The Soviet Union was also suspected of having some involvement in JFK's death. A few days after the assassination, a French assassin working for the KGB, Jean Rene Souetre, was found in Dallas. However, he was not questioned, and was flown out of the USA secretly. The appearance of this assassin wasn't mentioned to the Warren Commission either. JFK initiated a CIA operation on November 30 1961 to help Cuba overthrow the communist regime.

The CIA trained Cuban rebels to carry out an invasion on the Cuban 'Bay of Pigs', but that failed and Kennedy took full responsibility.

Cuban people exiled to America may have felt annoyed at JFK for messing up the Bay Of Pigs invasion and believed that he should be assassinated. Warren Commission The Warren Commission, named after the then Chief Justice, claimed that the shot that killed JFK came from the 6th floor of the Book Depository Building. They maintained that 3 shots were fired by a single gunman: Lee Harvey Oswald, who was the only person in the Book Depository building at the time.

However, this implies that one of the bullets zigzagged first left, then right, to hit both JFK and Governor Connally.

Footage of the assassination also shows that there were shots from two different directions, instead of just one. Jean Rene Souetre The 'Three Tramps' being taken into police custody Mafia / The Mob Another theory is that JFK was killed by a Mafia or Mob hitman.

Three 'tramps' were found in a box car on the railroad near to Dealey Plaza. One of them was identified as a Mob hitman.

JFK had links to the Mafia, and this may have been one of the reasons that they would want him dead. Bibliography: http://goo.gl/OHZiv
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