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Week 7 Lesson 1: Thematic analysis of AOS 2.

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Liam Brooks

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Week 7 Lesson 1: Thematic analysis of AOS 2.

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Week 7 Lesson 1: Thematic analysis of AOS 2.
Jigsaw activity
Expert group

Group 1:
Unwelcome democracy

Group 2:
Civil War

Group 3:
Economic breakdown

Read the text.
Discuss and answer the questions together.
We have 25 minutes.
Entry activity: Student survey on understanding of topics in AOS 2.
1. Working individually.

2. Fill out the slip by ranking each topic from 1-5. '1' means you don't understand the topic well. '5' means you do understand it very well.

3. We have 5 minutes.
To analyse continuity and change in four key topics in AOS 2.

Students will be able to construct an argument about the significance of the dismissal of the Constituent Assembly, the Civil War, economic breakdown, and internal dissent.

Home group

Group A

Group B

Group C

Each expert explains their text, topic, and questions to the home group.
We have 25 minutes.
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