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how the respiratory,digestive, and circulatory system work together.

all the systems

Taylor Escamilla

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of how the respiratory,digestive, and circulatory system work together.

respiratory system!!:)) circulatory system!!:)) digestive system!!:)) breathing and exchanging of o2 and co2 digestion-breaking up the food we eat to use the nutrients for the bodies needs.... the movement of blood and o2 consisting of the heart..lungs... and arteries and overies... after we eat our food is broken down by the digestion system then the nutrients mixes with oxygen to make blood//__:) The digestive system breaks down food so that it can be absorbed into the circulatory system then the nutrients is then carried to the tissue to use and remove metabolic wastes... the circulatory and the respiratory system work together by moving the o2 your body needs throughout your body so your body can use this to breathe.they also work together in the palminary circulation by using the heart and lungs to transport the o2 with the blood the heart already has to transport. when you breathe your air...o2(oxygen) your o2 travles through the bronchi into the bronchioles and to the aveoli through this process your o2 creates a waste product called co2(carbon dioxide) it then travels to the heart in the palminary circulation part of the circulatory system...then thhis travels through your body and then is exhaled when it enters your lungs again and exhales as carbon dioxide... the digestion system is the break down of the food you eat so you can get the nutrients your body needs the respiratory system is the transformation and transportation of co2 and o2 in your body.. The respiratory and Digestion system work together by..... The respiratory system and the circulatory system work together by.... The circulatory system and the digestion system wrk together by.... all the systams work together by... the circulatory system is the transportation of the blood throughout your bodyy
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