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This Tornadoes project is by Rabia and Zahra.

Rabia Khan

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Tornadoes!

Hello, my name is Rabia, and my name is Zahra and today, we are going to be telling you all about tornadoes.
What is a tornadoes?
What kinds of damage does a tornado inflict on the built environment (for example, houses, bridges, shopping malls)?
Tornado damages not only affect structures, and humans but, the environment too. Most structures receive the same amount of damage from tornadoes bu, extreme tornadoes can destroy or demolish any structure in its path. Tornadoes can tare apart, bend, and pick up object like cars, roofs, walls, and homes. They can blow out windows, shingles, and outer walls or they can tear apart entire well built wall or strong structure. That is because tornadoes are strong and uncontrollable. Flying debris from the tornado can cause a lot of damage. Since structures like homes, buildings, etc cannot be moved out of the path, how much damage they revive it depends how severe the tornado is. Tornadoes can wipe out weaker structures such as garages, and mobile homes. Strong tornadoes can level with most structures. In some cases a tornado can wipe out a whole neighbor hood and entire towns can be leveled with. They can take out homes in second and carve out paths. What they destruct leaving some homes virtually untouched in the same area where others are destroyed.

What is the impact of tornadoes on the natural environment (for example, trees, birds, fish)?
The amount of damage a tornado can cause to the environment and animals is brutal. Deaths of creatures and animals during tornadoes disrupts the food chain cycle. Damages top farm by tornadoes create shortages to food for humans and animals. habitats are be destroyed and animals and being severely damaged. Waters can be polluted or contaminated witch cause problems to fisheries, and rivers/lake creatures, and planets living in them. Trees take years to grow , so replacing them in not simple. Birds nests are being uprooted, and the migration is being interrupted. Tornadoes can rub away top soil of the land that comes in its path. While it destroys environments, tornadoes can also help to grow seeds from different vegetation's
The best protection from tornadoes is to simple stay out of its way. Extreme tornadoes can take out a whole city leaving people and animals homeless. With the use of weather raters, scientist can detect tornadoes, and give humans advance warnings to protect them-self's. Stay as low as possible, and if you outside, find a ditch or hole to hide in. Basements and underground areas are the safes places where people can seek protection. \It is also safe to stay away from windows because of the danger of shattering glass. Boarding windows with wooden planks can help. On one can stop a tornado, so don't chase them like some people have dangerously done.
We hope you like our presentation about tornadoes.

Thank you!
Where do tornadoes come from?
When there is a wind coming from more then one direction at the same time, the air can sometimes spin around in a circle in one place. This spinning motion most often happens when hot, wet wind coming from the south hits a cold, dry air from the north. Both these winds have energy and motion witch needs to go somewhere. This energy sometimes turns into a thunder storm, and that storm takes the energy created, and makes the air rotate around in circles because it has no where to go. From the clouds of this thunder storm, heavy rain falls to the ground, and can dag the rotating air/wind column that is spiraling down on to the ground with it. If the air travels from the sky down, this is what is called a tornado.
Tornadoes, have been recorded in every continent except Antarctica. They measured on the fujita scale by the amounts of damages they cause. FO is week and F5 is the strongest. A tornado is a dangerous, violent, and destructive column of air or condensed cloud extending from a thunder storm in the sky on to the ground below. In extreme recordings the winds speed from tornadoes have measured up to 300mph. Tornadoes damage whatever is in their path. The width of damage paths is range from 1 mile to 50 miles long. A tornado is a funneled shape cloud. It is sometimes called a twister. Tornadoes come in many shape or sizes. Most have wind speed less than 110mph, and are about 250ft wide. They travel just a few kilometers with a cloud of dust a debris around them before they die down or vanish.

How can humans protect themselves from the force of a tornado?
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