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The Stereotype

No description

Jordan Rakach

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of The Stereotype

The Stereotype
J.K Rowling
Today women are striving to be much more than in the past. Although we aren't completely equal.
By J.K Rowling hiding her gender it bought great attention to how few women are publishing books. J.K Rowling didn't just stand by and let her dream go, she tried and tried until the book was published even though it wasn't under her name. There are many more women authors now and in the future maybe the stereotype for authors won't be a man, but a lady.
The Stereotype
By Jordan Rakach
When people imagine authors or writers
they usually visualize a man with a scruffy beard next to a large cup of steaming coffee leaning over a messy table in a small cluttered apartment. Like many other jobs and careers you imagine the worker a certain gender. For example a builder or a mechanic you imagine a man whereas you usually assume a hairdresser or a librarian will be women.

Most of you know J.K Rowling from her books series of Harry Potter but did you know that for her first book she used a 'male pen name'. Most people believe it was because her publisher didn't want to read the book since she was female but the real reason was never released.
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