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The Red Kayak

No description

Maria Hannoush

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of The Red Kayak

The Red Kayak
Chapters 1-5

By Maria Hannoush
Passage Master
Passage #1 pg.10-11
"He shouldn't be going out there today. When he gets down by the point-he'll fly down the river." I was sure Mr. DiAngelo didn't know about how the wind picked up one you left our creek and hit the open water. Not to mention the spring tides. Sometimes they were so strong they would suck the crab-pot buoys under. I doubted whether Mr. DiAngelo knew that; he'd only had the kayak a few weeks. "Really guys. We ought to yell something," I said soberly. J.T. shook his head. "He's to far away. He won't hear you." "Why should we anyway?" Digger asked with a scowl. "Just because you baby-sat for their little kid and your in love with his wife?"
This passage is important because it shows that Mr. DiAngelo is doing something that is very dangerous and that J.T., Digger, and Brady know what could happen to him but choose not to warn him.
Passage #2 pg. 11
The Miss Amanda is named for my sister. Most work boats get named for mothers or grandmothers, but my sister was the first girl born to the Parks family in two generations. And while its true she was only an infant when she died, she was old enough to smile, and we were all nuts about her. I used to make a goo-goo face that got her so excited she wheeled her arms and legs around like a windmill. After we lost Amanda, my mother couldn't sleep in the house and went to stay with my grandmother in Connecticut. She kept promising that she would come home soon. But almost half a year went by before she did. So, for a long time, it was just Dad and me. That's the reason I spent so much time with Carl, because Dad had to work all Fridays and Saturdays on Mr. Fuller's oyster boat, and kids weren't allowed.
This passage is important because it tells us why Brady spent so much time with his cousin, Carl and it helps us get to know more about Brady and his family.
Passage #3 pg. 27-28
I wondered if I should waster my time going up any of these little creeks and inlets now that they had found Mrs. DiAngelo downriver. But Tilly was barking up a storm, and stood with her nose pointed to the riverbank, where some of the water curled into a small cove. It was hard to ignore Tilly's instincts. Once, she barked at the ceiling in our basement so insistently that my father pulled down part of the insulation and found a possum's nest made out of leaves. "Better not be a squirrel or something stupid like that," I grumbled as I swung the boat toward the cove. I bit my lip uncertainly. Suddenly Tilly had her front paws up on the edge of my boat. Her tail thumped back and forth, hitting my knees. "What is it, Till?" I asked, squinting to see through the drizzle. I slowed down the motor as we approached the narrow channel to the cove. Tall marsh grass obscured my view to the right, but as soon as we had motored around it, I glimpsed the remains of an old dock-a place where J.T., Digger, and I used to fish-and a single, bright spot of yellow.
This passage is important because it tells us how Mrs. DiAngelo was found and how Tilly helped Brady find Ben. It also tells us that Brady and his friends were familiar with the water.
Passage #4 pg. 30-31
Before a policeman closed the back doors of the ambulance, Carl shouted, "We've got a pulse!" There wasn't time for him to say anything more. The doors where closed and the ambulance took off, siren wailing, lights flashing.
This passage is important because it tells us that Ben is alive and that he is on his way to the hospital.
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