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Behind the curtains

No description

Gaby Mata

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Behind the curtains

Behind the curtain of Sweatshops
Sweatshops orginated in the 1890s from the word sweating which originated in the 15th century.

It all began in the United States, England, and France.
WHY in the world did i choose this topic?
I have chosen this topic to find out more about the business world in fashion because one day I want to become and fashion designer so I definitely want to be aware of the corruptness in this field. I also want to make a change in sweatshops, I want to make them become extinct because no one deserves to be treated unfairly whether their illegal immigrants or not, we are all humans and deserved to be treated AS humans, equally and fairly.
Who works in sweatshops?
Illegal immigrants
Conditions in the Sweatshop life
dirty working environments
dangerous machines
Long hours
over time
poor pay
no vacation
no sick days off
How much do sweatshop workers make?
Define: Sweatshops
When and Where did Sweatshops originate?
How many hours do they work a day?
Medical Problems caused by Sweatshops


Sweatshops are clothing workshops that are life threatening and contain
unclean conditions and dangerous machines. Workers receive poor money, long working hours, neither no insurance to be offered, nor any sick or vacation days off.
pennies a day
60 t0 80 hours per week
overuse injuries
chemical and heavy metal exposures
by Gabriela Mata
period 8
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