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Program Specification


hope1 hope11

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Program Specification

For Each Program to be Accredited :
Process of 9 items have to be done correctly. Program Specification 1 .Program title and code.
2. Total credit hours needed for completion of the program.
3. Award granted on completion of the program.
4. Major tracks/pathways or specializations within the program.
5. Intermediate Exit Points and Awards (if any) (eg. associate degree within a bachelor degree program).
6. Professions or occupations for which students are prepared.
7. Name and position (eg department chair person) of faculty member managing or coordinating the program.
8. Location if not on main campus or locations if program is offered in more than one location. Program Identification and General Information: 1.Program Mission Statement
2. List any major changes or strategical modification done to meet the program mission. 1. Program Description. (Program Manual)
2. Development of Special Student Characteristics or Attributes.
3. Required Field Experience Component (if any) (Eg. internship, cooperative program, work experience)
4. Project or Research Requirements (if any).
5. Development of Learning Outcomes in Domains of Learning.
6. Admission Requirements for the program.
7. Attendance and Completion Requirements.
Faculty and other Teaching Staff: Program Context: 1. Explain why the program is needed..
2. Relationship (if any) to other programs offered by the institution/college/department.
3. Do the students who are likely to be enrolled in the program have any special needs or characteristics that should be considered in planning the program? (eg. Part time evening students, limited IT or language skills).
4. What should be done in the program to respond to these special characteristics?. Mission and Goals of the Program: Program Structure and Organization: DOMAIN:
1. Knowledge.
2. Cognitive Skills.
3. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility.
4. Communication, Information Technology and Numerical Skills.
5. Psychomotor Skills (if applicable) Regulations for Student Assessment and Verification of Standards: 1. Regulations or policies for allocation and distribution of grades.
2. What processes will be used for verifying standards of achievement (eg check marking of sample of tests or assignments? Independent assessment by faculty from another institution) (Processes may vary for different courses or domains of learning). Student Administration and Support:
1. Student Academic Counseling.
2. Student Appeals Text and Reference Material: 1. process to provide references. (electronic, text)
2. evaluating adequacy of references. 1. the process of employment of new teaching staff.
2. Participation in Program Planning, Monitoring and Review.
3. Professional; Development.
4. Preparation of New Teaching Staff.
5. Part Time and Visiting Teaching Staff.
Program Evaluation and Improvement Processes: 1. Effectiveness of Teaching.
2. Overall Program Evaluation.
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