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Meet Arnaud

Watch it full screen!

Arnaud Gimbert

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Meet Arnaud

is a 23-year-old business student living in France
Arnaud Gimbert
He can
and speaks
Buenos Aires
June 2011
July 2012
August 2012
January 2013
September 2013
Luxury brand management
January 2014
Men ready-to-wear and shoes consultant
Men ready-to-wear and shoes consultant
Welcomed and advised national and international customers
Created tools to make the men team weekly objectives well-known and to improve sales processes

Welcomed and advised national and international customers
Provided the very specific Louis Vuitton Services
Took part in the store’s stocks management
Worked with multicultural sales teams

UADE – Universidad Argentina De La Empresa

2012 fall semester exchange student
Digital Project Manager Intern
22 avenue Montaigne, Paris
22 avenue Montaigne, Paris
Operational and commercial monitoring projects related with PlayStation
Coordinated creative and production teams
Provided strategic and operational support to customers
Assisted the business team responding to calls to tender (benchmarking, market studies, strategic surveillance)

17 rue Bouchardon, Paris
Reference : Hamid Hassani
Manager : Emmanuel Mesrine
Manager : Emmanuel Mesrine
Master's degree
Luxury trends
Luxury products and services marketing
Luxury communication
Group project : Hermès Boutique Hotel

Reference : Marie-Catherine Mars
B u s i n e s s S c h o o l
Thank you for watching !
Please contact me if you need any information
French Business School
will be graduated in 2014
I am looking for a 6-month internship.
We should work together!
I am looking forward to improve my working knowledge and skills dealing with luxury marketing, communication, events and press.
You can teach me all I need to know!
Please contact me, I would be happy to talk about what we could accomplish
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