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Copy of Living and Non Living

How to teach young children the difference between living and non living things

Carolina Pickens

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Living and Non Living

is either

Non Living
All living things share 8 characteristics
IF one of the characteristcs of a living thing is
not true
,then that thing is
If something does not meet
"characteristic of life" it is NOT living .
Soooo, if something does not eat food, and/ or grow,and/or reproduce then that thing is non living
Examples of Nonliving
1. A Rock
2. A Car
3. Water
Lets Practice
Example One: A Person
Example Two: A Car
Example Tree: A Tree
Ask your self:
1. Does it Eat ? Yes or No
2. Does it Grow? Yes or No
3. Does it Reproduce? Yes or No
1. Does it Eat ? Yes!
People eat everyday
2. Does it Grow? Yes !
People start out very small and grow in someway throughout their lives
3. Does it Reproduce? Yes
People have babies.
2. Does it Grow? No
Cars stay the same size their whole lives
1. Does it Eat ? Yes
We feed our cars gas to make them go.
Ask your self:
1. Does it Eat ? Yes or No
2. Does it Grow? Yes or No
3. Does it Reproduce? Yes or No
3. Does it Reproduce? No
Cars no not have baby cars.
Sooooo, because we answered Yes! to ALL three questions then a person is a living thing.
Soooo, because a car does not grow and does not reproduce then a car is NOT Living, it is Nonliving
Try this one on your own:
This one may be tricky! Be Careful!
1. Does it Eat ? Yes
A tree makes its own food in a process called photosynthesis.
Did you get it correct?
A Tree is living
2. Does it Grow? Yes
Trees start out as a tiny seed and grow in to the huge trees we see.
3. Does it reproduce? Yes
Trees reproduce and make baby trees, that start as a seed and grow into saplings.
Characteristics of life
(stimuli) = anything in an environment that causes a
1. Are made of one or many CELLS
Unicellular organism
2. Display organization (have organized bodies).
3. Grow and Develop
= increase in mass and size (getting bigger)

4. Reproduce (as a species).
Asexual reproduction
= one parent divides into two genetically identical offspring.

Characteristics of life
Multicellular organism
= change in body structure (leading to new ability)
Now let's review
Sexual reproduction
= two different sex cells combine to make a offspring that is genetically different.
5. Responds to stimuli in the environment.
6. Require energy.
(consumer) = organisms that get their energy by
other organisms.
(producer) = organisms that make their own energy from sunlight or chemicals (

7. Maintains homeostasis
= ability to keep an organisms’s inside conditions

8. Have adaptations that evolve over time (as a species).

= any
trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.
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