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Exploring the SBAC Results

No description

Maria Vlahiotis

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Exploring the SBAC Results

Look at the cheat sheets - what do you notice about the number of CAT items/PT items under each claim?
areas of improvement
areas of strength
What other information do you still need in order to progress on your area of focus?
the relationship between claims and targets
How might the targets help you when looking at your area of focus for the year?
Which targets from the other three claims would you need to also focus on to support your work?
Are the DOK levels indicated by each target what you expected?
Getting Acquainted with the SBAC Assessment Targets
Core Learning Literacy Team
Alameda County Office of Education

Maria Vlahiotis - mvlahiotis@acoe.org
Nathalie Longree-Guevara - nguevara@acoe.org
Sasha Kirkman - skirkman@acoe.org
The Smarter Balanced Claims
for Literacy

Overall Claims
“Students can demonstrate progress toward college and career readiness in English language arts and literacy.”
Grades 3-8
Grade 11
“Students can demonstrate college and career readiness in English language arts and literacy.”
“Students can demonstrate progress toward
college and career readiness
in English language arts and literacy.”
“Students can demonstrate
college and career readiness
in English language arts and literacy.”
The Claims
Claim 1: Reading
“Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts.”
Claim 2: Writing
“Students can produce effective and well-grounded writing for a range of purposes and audiences.”
Claim 3: Speaking & Listening
“Students can employ effective speaking and listening skills for a range of purposes and audiences.”
Claim 4: Research/Inquiry
“Students can engage in research and inquiry to investigate topics, and to analyze, integrate, and present information.”
What are the district'/school's plans for ensuring that everyone has shared understanding of the data and its interpretation?



The claim and UNDERLINE it
How many CAT and PT test items are included for the claim, and CIRCLE them
Three assessment targets from that claim and STAR them
The DOK for one of the assessment targets, and place a BOX around it

Then discuss:

What are the relationships between the Claims, Assessment Targets and CCSS?
What does the DOK level of an Assessment Target tell you? Why is this important?
Poll Everywhere
Number: 37607
Message: mvlahiot820
(not case sensitive)


Text "leave" when you are done
SBAC Results
What do you notice?

Are there any overall trends?
Look at the overall snapshot for your district.
How many students (by grade level) are ABOVE STANDARD in each of the claims?
How many students (by grade level) are BELOW STANDARD in each of the claims?
Ex: Reading, 3rd Grade =
Ex: Reading, 3rd Grade =
Take a moment to explore various subgroups by grade level.
What formative assessments are in place so that I can get more detailed information about where students need support? What formative assessments need to be developed?
Which claim is your students' area of strength at this grade level?
Which claim represents an area of needed improvement for your students?
How are your district's initiatives over the last few years represented in your scores?
What initiative(s)/trainings/opportunities does your district need to put in place in order to best serve your chosen subgroup?
Use our checklist!

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