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The Two Brothers

No description

Rossi Martinez

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of The Two Brothers

The younger brother believed the stone
was put there for a reason. Also the stone does not say what kind of happiness, they will find.
Climax of the story
The brothers were disagreeing about the message on the stone. The Younger brother wanted to follow the message while the Elder brother did not want to go into the forest fearing, they would get lost. the younger bother also feared the mother bear would kill them, if they tried to take the cubs away from her.
Rising Action
Should the brothers follow the message on the stone.
"Whoever finds this stone, let him go straight into the forest at sunrise. In the forest a river will appear; let him swim across the river to the other side. There he will find a she-bear and her cubs. Let him take the cubs from her and run up the mountain he will see a house, and in that house will he find happiness."
Conflict of the story
The Main Characters In This Story Are:

Elder Brother : Timid and afraid
Younger Brother : Adventurous

Prezi Made By:
Rossi Martinez
The Two Brothers
By: Leo Tolstoy

The setting takes place in a forest
Falling action
The younger brother said, "If we don't make an effort and try hard, nothing in the world would succeed."
The younger brother
went of into the forest
and the elder brother remained behind. The younger brother swam across the river, found the cubs and ran up the mountain with the cubs. One day the brothers met up, the younger brother neither rich or poor. He has no regrets however, he memories.
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