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This is Saint Sarah. She is the patron saint of laughter.

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Julia Czachor

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of This is Saint Sarah. She is the patron saint of laughter.

Prezi by Julia Czachor
Saint Sarah
This is Saint Sarah. Her original name was Sarai. According to the book of Genesis, God changed her name to Sarah as a part of a covenant. Her husband, Abram, his name changed too. His was changed to Abraham. Sarah is the patron saint of laughter. She was born during the Old Testament. Sarah's birthplace is unknown. She was 127 years old when she died. She is the wife of Abraham. Sarah's feast day is August 19th.
Saint Sarah
When Sarah was 90 years old she had a dream. Angels approached her, telling her that she would give birth to her long waited first child. She named the child, Isaac. Isaac's name means laughter.
Sarah went many years being a childless mother. People said in the day, a childless mother is a useless mother. She was humiliated a lot. Abraham was 100 years old when Sarah finally had her baby boy. Sarah was 90 years old
Sarah and Abraham
This is Saint Sarah
Sarah's Little Miracle
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