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Red fox

No description

a milly

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Red fox

Red Fox 1)What do red fox eat? 1)squirrels, hares,
fish, and berries 2)When is the red fox most active? 2)At dawn 3)How much does it
eat in one day? 3)one ounce 4)What family is the fox part of? 4)The dog family 5)How long is a adult
red fox? 5)Between 35-41 inches 6)How much do they weigh? 6)7 1/2 to 15 pounds 8)What is a baby fox called? 8)A kit 9)How many kits can a mother red fox have? 9)1-10 kits 10)What do kits eat? 10)After one month, they eat regurgitated food there mother brins back to the den 11)How long do kits stay with there parents? 11)Around 7 months 12)Can red foxes swim? 12)yes 13)Can red foxes climb? 13)Yes but it's rare 14)Do red foxes live in packs? 14) No they live alone 15)Between 70 and 120 grams 15)How much do kits weigh at birth? 7)Why is it called the red fox? 7)Because it's red 16)Is the red fox nocurnal? 16)Yes
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