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Professional Development

No description

susan jones

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Professional Development

Professional Development
3 Types of Professional Development
1. Designated Professional Development Days
2. Wednesday Afternoons
3. Expected Professional Developments as a CCS employee
a. Monday Devotions
b. Wednesday Prayer
c. Friday Morning Devotions (Middle and Upper Schools)
d. Chapels
1. Designated Prof. Dev. Days
*Poured into/ not onto
*positive motivation
*teammates (build community)
*give time to work in classrooms
*new teachers need help (fire drill/ smartboard/ how to guide)

More Ideas:
*project based learning
*more on the growth mindset
*behavior management
*time to work in the classroom
*time to do vertical teaming between all three divisions
*useful apps that are subject specific
*smartboard training for new teachers
*Canvas-best practices-utilize it to the max
*time for curriculum mapping
*time for digital literacy
Some Ideas:
*natural Biblical integration
*tech./ AirDrop/google docs/canvas
*curriculum rep to come help connect new curriculum to canvas
*learn how to communicate with parents (all 3 divisions)
*visit other schools who are successful
*writing across disciplines
Even more ideas
* Motivational speaker in August/Feb.
(Danny Brassell, Rich Robles, Mark McLeod,Masseuse)
* August: Have a field day for the teachers: a softball game and cookout. 4-6pm - kids/family invited.
2. Wednesday Meetings
*Send email for non discussion items.
*Time is valuable.
*Teachers should leave feeling that things were accomplished.
*It should be the exception (not the rule) for teachers to miss Wed. meetings.

3. Monday/Wednesday/Friday Devotions and Chapels

These should either be made optional or mandatory.
*again, it should be an exception not the norm when teachers miss these.
(assign teachers to teams and the leader of the team could report to admin those that miss and why)
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