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Minimal SCHEMA Final

No description

Gina Haraszti

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Minimal SCHEMA Final



Technology Responsive Media Affective Computing Display Technologies
TechWatch2005 Public Sphere and Society
Enaction Theory Cinema in the Gallery Expanded Cinema The Last Picture Show Gleaning the Future from the Gallery Floor Science and its Signs IMAGE/Theory INTERACTIVE/CINEMA/
NARRATIVE/MEANING Experimentation,
Prototype 2010 La Porte, scenery La Porte/Phase2 Studio Experiments 2007 Autonomic Computing Context Aware
Computing Immersive Media Interactive Media Location Aware
Computing Proactive Computing Ubiquitous Computing Utility Computing Disposition Lexicon Manovich On Vision October Huygues Tech Watch Progress HUYGHE Light Conical Intersect Sommaire Expanded Cinema October Richter On Digital Cinema Round Table October The Future Of Painting The Glistening Bridge Film and Video Installation in the Late '60s and Early '70s An Interview with Ken McMullen Discontinuity and Potential Space in Salla Tykka's Trilogy Vertigo Magazine, Article - Gleaning the future, by By Chris Dercon Huyghe Bismuth Royoux Dune Boucle Al Autre Prisca Randrianasoloson Theorie Critique Situationniste Yann Beauvais Cinemaode Demploi La Porte Presentation La Porte Prototype 2010 Transition Testing Transitions Synthese Experimentations Interrogatoire Prototype Interrogatoire Scenario La Porte Scenario Notes Scenario Voies Multiples Synthese Dong Afterthoughts on
Studio Experiments Jour 2 Jour 3 Jour 4 Grille Experimentation Illustrations August Journal de bord Regles + Lexique - 14/07 Annotation legende ReadMe - Video Database Reference 3 August 2010 10 August 2010 11 August 2010 12 August 2010 17 August 2010 18 August 2010 Cinema Interactivite, etc. Resume de la recherche July June July 14th Floorgrids 6 July 2010 7 July 2010 8 July 2010 14 July 2010 16 June 2010 17 June 2010 18June 2010 22 June 2010 21 June 2010 28 June 2010 23 June 2010 29 June 2010 30 June 2010 Tournage du 1-2 juin The Original
Kuleshov Experiment Kuleshov Effect Kinoautomat 1967 Giorgio Agamben:
What is a Dispositif? Alfred Hitchcock
Explains Montage The enactive approach to
perceptual consciousness Why Rethink Interdisciplinarity Interdisciplinarity and
the Study of Mind Culture Newmedia (fr) Links, Texts and Conferences Effects of Motion and Cutting-
Rate in Motion Pictures Creation of Meaning Narrative
Structure and Interpretation Context and Order in
Image Resolution HD resolution charts HIGH DEFINITION AND 24P Monitors LCD Plasma Flat Screen Explained Understanding HD Formats Video Tech HD Compression Formats Blu Ray Manual DNxHD to Blu Ray Jurgen Habermas and the Public Sphere L'image du monde et son epoque The Postmodern Condition World Picture Programming video art for urban screens in public space Project Compliation Rhizome | Exploding Space -Conceptions of Space and Network in Interactive Dynamic Architectures Telesurveillance Globale [L’Exception] | La nouvelle architecture de l'image [Urbanscreens-l] Hijacking the Urban Screen - Interview Transcriptions Habermas Kyoto Lecture - Nov 2004 Art and social displays in the branding of the city - Token screens or opportunities for difference Foundations of Niklas Luhmann's Theory of Social Systems Gilles Ivain Situationnisme Habermas, Public Sphere, Democracy Hijacking the urban screen Interactive Architecture Children of Men Interactive Video Ecocinema +Abstracts Affective Interactive Art System MovieMaker Magazine Experiential-art edit_act3 Model for Interactive Art Video Annotation – Recognition The HD Revolution - A European Perspective Adventures in CyberSound http://www.enactive2006.org/ http://www.enolagaia.com/ECSTables.html http://perso.orange.fr/jerome.grondin/enaction.htm http://alemore.club.fr/ATP_PVDVarela.htm A Way to Naturalize
Phenomenology Consciousness and
Theoretical Behaviorism
The Culture Industry:
Enlightenment as Mass Deception History is Photography:
The Afterimage of Walter Benjamin Inter-inactivity
Camera Ready The enactive approach to perceptual consciousness Open-Source:
A Movement in Search of a Philosophy Presences reelles dans les mondes virtuels Psyche+Clark What it is like to see:
A sensorimotor theory of perceptual experience Perceptual consciousness, access to modality and skill theories Frankfurt School HighBeam Encyclopedia Interdisciplines: Schema Presentation Core SchemaTHEORY Societe et sphere publique Monde Image
Theories Lacan Bibliographie Demande RC Epistemologie SSHRC Bibliography Schema Schema 4 Termes Schema lexique "Making Time" Notes on Visual Representation of Time [L’Exception] | La nouvelle architecture de l'image Cybernetique Epistemologie Frame semantics L'hypothese Ergodique
Boltzmann La virtualisation de l'intelligence Martin Heidegger MFJ Expanded Cinema and Narrative Narrative intelligence Plan Libre RDES 053 0062 Reality of the virtual Software and Art Telesurveillance globale The world picture Theories of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and statistical mechanics Jeffrey Shaw - The Cave Transit by Scott Snibbe (2010)
LAX Airport Installation Computer story generation system and method using network of re-usable substories Conceptual Models for Interactive Digital Storytelling 4-agent stories A modular approach to story generation Computationally Creative Search for Stories Creating Customized Virtual Experiences Creation of Meaning Designing a Story Database for Use in Automatic Story Generation
Generating Story Analogues Incorporating Authorial Intent into Generative Narrative Systems Interactive storytelling links Life Story Generation Using Mobile Context and Petri Net Makebelieve Mexica
Narrative Generation Narratology for Interactive Storytelling Notes on Narrative Disclosure in Film Polysemy Scenario Adaptation Semantic divergence and creative story generation Semiotics Story Generation Story Planning with Vignettes Story Planning Tangible Interfaces for Interactive Point-of-View Narratives The Case of Narrative in Digital Media Toward Scenario Adaptation for Learning Toward Vignette-Based Story Generation Vignette-Based Story Planning Repertoire des entreprises | CODA ‘Interactive Cinema’
bibliography Klatsassin Garage Cinema Research Group Interactive fiction on the web
Projects Art Garage Cinema Courchesne Michael Naimark
2008 Passagesets Wol Rafael Lonzano -Hemmer Demo Tony Dove Similar Project's Links Facade Dramatica Pro Interactive storytelling A short history of
interactive fiction Fiction Notes 'IF' Language Programs Interactive storytelling notes L'hypothése Ergodique... Note Temps & Experience Notes de lecture Notes cybernetique Notes sur le jeu Notes sur le récit JC Serpents & echelles Theories recit Julie Theories recit seules Julie Approches de la fiction GDR Bouchardon recit interactif Elliott Story Morphing Fiche Barboza Julie Lang Declarative Model Summary Zach Narrative Intelligence Aristotle's Poetics
some affirmations and critiques Politicising HT Narrative Potential neo-katharsis Ingrid Hoofd The Vector Model Textes de référence Aerial Based Interfaces Context Aware Reactive Env research Recherche Mo Sensors/UltraSonic Ubiquitous Computing An Eye Tracking Interface for Image Search Computer Vision Based Head Tracking A novel broadband ultra-sonic location system Gesture-based game for initial dementia examination Head Gesture Recognition in Intelligent Interfaces Intelligent User Interface Based on Multimodal Dialog Control for Audio-visual Systems Mobile Eye Tracking Multi-Point Direct-Touch Surfaces The Evolving User Interface Vision-Based Interpretation of Hand Gestures Common Sense Facial Recognition Context Aware Systems Acquiring Common Sense Through Simulation Common Sense Inference Common Sense Reasoning Interactive Applications Interfaces With Common Sense The Common Sense DJ Thought Treasure Facial Expressions in Hollywoods Portrayal of Emotion Facial Expressions Signal Specific Emotions Mind-reading Machines Reading the Mind in the Eyes Recognition of Emotion from Facial Expression Digital Experience and the Physical World Inductive Logic Programming Sensor Toolbox Biblio Techno Bluetrack iCam Perv06 Interaction Debugging Loomis Personal Guidance Measurement p1008-kuno phidgets-uist-2001 PMS5005_1 Project Summaries Real-time 3D interaction with ActiveCube TUI Tutorial(MC2003) D Augmented Reality Links Augmented Reality List of AI Agents Ubiquitous Computing 1 Ubiquitous Computing 3 Ubiquitous Computing 4 Virtual Reality What is Virtual Reality Good For Comparison Technology Proactive dmello-etal healey-picard liu-picard picard-daily reynolds-cepe reynolds-picard-ac sbdaily-sm Autonomic computing applied to the NET Ganek Jann Verma Autonomic computing applied to netwoks Autonomic tuning Buliding Autonomic Systems Special Features Context Gesture AquaThoughts Games Notes Links Gestures Commerce Game Kids Proactive IS Video Collection Web Links Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Webdesign Keywords Links Persuasive Sensors Wireless Sensors Knoks Atop Large Interactive Displays Fujitsu General Ubiquitous Computing Research Group Sensors Intel Helsinki Institute of Technology Conference Unicomp Links HP Articles Cinemaelargi SONS & LUMIÈRES Ecrans links L'image manifeste Les Ecrans Khronos Projector La Main Nue Devant L'Ecran Realite Virtuelle Smart Projector Eating Canvas 119 Intro Digital Light Process Calculated Cinema MK2 Notes J.C. Plan de veille 2005 Pre-projection Space Video TechWatch Doku Whitney MK2 Virilio Lart De Leffroi Using Cinematic Techniques An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research - Golan Levin and Collaborators KHRONOS PROJECTOR Alvaro Cassinelli Computer Vision Projection Laser-based tracking for real-time gesture acquisition Pre-Screen Projection Viewpoint Motion Control Visual Capture Cave Running CAVE Apps on a Curved Screen Display Lightning VR System Multi Planar Displays Projector Display Visual Feedback Robust Projected Displays Self Correcting Projector Skewed Video Projection Virtual Rear Projection Virtual Rear Projection 2 Set up/Description A Declarative Model for Simple Narrative AGNETA and FRIDA Narrative Experience of the Web Brutus How to Tell a Logical Story Erasmatron Interactive Storytelling Engine Interactive Drama on Computer Mateas Sengers Narrative for Artifacts Narrative Intelligence Symposium Narrative Theories as Contextual Constraints for Agent Interaction Notes on the Use of Plan Structures in the Creation of Interactive Plot Once Upon a Time Searching for Storiness Small Talk and Conversa-
tional Storytelling Social Dynamics of Storytelling Spatial Cognition in Natural-Language Narratives Stories and Social Networks The Chorus as Internalized Objects The Lemur's Tale The Rise and Fall of Black Velvet Flag The Victorian Laptop Narrative Touring Machines Towards Narrative Understanding Narrative is Like Observing Agents 1966-10-21 ESS_009_0121 Le trou du regard Constanca Marcondes Cesar Martin Heidegger Nikola JANKOVIC L'image habitable Jurgen Habermas and the Public Sphere Marshall Soules, Ph.D. L'image du monde et son époque The Postmodern Condition World Picture Enaction theory Narrative Intelligence PAOLA MARRATI
Une image mouvantedu scepticisme L'image du monde et son époque Le noeud dans le tableau ou Le style de/chez Lacan http://schema.hexagram.ca/Prezi/Cybernetics:technology/Recherche%20Mo/links.rtf Audiolocation-Pervasive 2005 Pervasive-Placelab-2005-Final Pervasive-Privacy-2005-Final UCAM-CL-TR-617 Borealis-Sigmod 05 ewind05-csma horde-mobisys-2005 sigcomm05_kandula sigcomm 05-safety 720 722 147371 HPL-2005-4 Index utility_compu utility_compu 2 Gesture Pendant Westeyn ICMI Ajith dp-uist mini-qwerty-chi05 twiddler-iswc twiddler-novice Ubiqcomp Research Intel Proactive Computing Persona Make It Personal Intel Research 15 20040623 155898008 CIO articles Gale's Guide paper04 paper10 report105 Utility Computing WP Interstage INTERACTIVE/
INTERACTIVE CINEMA Ubicomp-RG-BOF-040311 160 Ubiquitous Computing Overview 05-01 05-02 05-04 05-06 05-08 05-09 05-11 05-16 05-17 05-19 05-20 05-21 05-24 Autonomic tuning Diao Russel Chess Yellin Building Autonomic Systems Norman Appavoo omms omms_execsummary imc_environmentalscan cimcompendium_execsummary cimcomp_update cimcomp_annotatedbiblio Immerse About Applied Interactives Nintendo reveals Revolution strategy
Game Boy Advance News at Game Spot Synthecology Total Immersions Atkins - What are we looking at? Aston - Digital media Abba - Reconsidering Interactive Film *Mateas - Interactive Drama Art+AI ‘Interactive Cinema’ Ben-Shaul - Can narrative films go interactive? Bradford - Theorizing Narrative Structures Brookey and Booth -
Synergy and interactivity
in Lord of the Rings video game Caldwell - Interactive Pizza El-Nasr - Interaction, narrative, drama Gillette - Looking to cinema for direction Garrand - Scripting narrative for interactive multimedia Galloway - Towards a working model of interactive documentary Kang - 360 degree screenplay Kinder_Bunuel's legacy for new digital media and interactive database narrative Kinsman - She's come undone Kirkland - Approaches to video game analysis Leggett - Interactive States Lunenfeld - Myth of interactive cinema Mak - The temporal imact of the digital in cinema Manovich Poetics Of Augmented Space Owczarski - Rethinking the role of the film text Orgeron - Interactive fandom in the age of the movie magazine Notaro - Auteurism in contem-
porary cinematic experience Pace - Our screens are unmoored Perron et al - Methodological questions in interactive film studies Poster - Cinematic play and new media interactivity Roscoe - Multi-platform event television Simons - Complex narratives Walden - Subjects after new media Young - Hollywood in Early Digital Age ActAffAct Crimeface AAA Viewer ActAffAct Stefan Rank's AAA Thesis Cinema & technologies numeriques Dispositif temporel VS. spatial Expansion des fictions Exposition du cinema Image reactive Rapport au cinema interactif Rapport au cinema Scenarisation & programmation Scenarisation non-lineaire
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