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School's in the 1930's in the Sothern USA

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sadie hammer

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of School's in the 1930's in the Sothern USA

Segregation School's in the 1930's Discipline Bloopers... segregation-being set apart
segregation was the law in the 1930's
The black's and white's had separate schools, movie theater's, and other public places Black Schools African Americans like having they're own schools so they were not taunted by white racial children
African Americans were often the poorest members of communities
African Americans were unrepresented on most school boards, hence why they were unable to push for better funding for schools
Expenditure per pupil per year was $15
More than 25% of students were black, but only received 12% of all education revenues
3% was budgeted for school transportation
During the great depression schools were closed;teachers salaries were cut; school programs were eliminated White School's Teachers taught all subjects including sports and singing
Expenditure per pupil per year was $80
The only technology they had in the school was a radio
Girls were expected to wear dresses
Girls learned how to sew during school
In white schools there was a big difference between the rich and the poor Children who got answers wrong sometimes were sent to the corner
Children were not treated respectfully but were expected to show complete respect to the teacher
Some classrooms had a harness hanging from the ceiling and disobedient children were suspended in this harness
If told to write an essay, you wrote the essay without planning, discussion, or sharing ideas
Lessons were "chalk&talk" or lecturing
The dreaded "cane" was a long thin piece of bamboo slapped hard on the child's hand or backside Examples of Discipline Overall, schools are much different now a days. We get a much better education with lots of opportunities. We do not discriminate, and we have respect for everyone. And luckily we do not get hit by our teachers. OVERALL
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