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SquaredTeam September

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of FasterHire™

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Executive Summary
Potential Threats To

Car rental agencies have a shamefully low NPS.
This indicates a true need for innovation to their industry to improve customer satisfaction
Existing Market
How we would launch




Project by
Aimee Haynes
David Spencer
Mathew Ndira
Nikoletta-Savvina Kotronarou
Shelley Macintyre
Verena Lambetis
Please choose 20sec autoplay
Music: http://www.bensound.com

Smartphone usage is up +44% YOY in Sept 2015 for rental car queries. The key customer needs in this industry is to improve SPEED,SIMPLICITY OF PICK UP&RETURN
Meet Claire & Dave - target Customers

Anticipate that we will need to prove we have Customer demand before investors commit. Thus Owned and Earned Media will be essential as a first step.

Owned Media
– Website
– Twitter
– Facebook

Earned Media
– Targeted influencer blogs eg Urbane Traveller
– Shares
– Travel writer editorials

Paid Media
– Airline partnership e.g. British Airways & Avis in flight magazine, within app
– Targeted Facebook ads
– Banner ads on traveller websites e.g. Conde Nast Traveller

Revenue - Volume Assumptions
Profit and Loss Projection
Cost Structures
Lean Stack Canvas
Value Proposition
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