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Nike Supply Chain Overview

Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Nike Supply Chain Overview

Supply Chain
Analysis NIKE What are the DCs like? Product Characteristics
Market Life: 3 to 6 months
Production Cycle: 9 to 12 months Supply Chain Design Sustainability Closed Loop Supply Chain Nike World Headquarters Manufacturers Beaverton, Oregon
Employs 6,300 Supply Chain Professionals 900 factories in 50 countries
5 countries responsible for 97% of footwear production
500,000 SKUs Shipping 3PLs, 4PLs
Consolidators aid in shipping process
few vendors
Distributors 4 DCs in U.S.
One on each coast (Memphis, Tennessee and Foothill Ranch, California)
14 global DCs Retailers Retail accounts (i.e. Foot Locker)
Nike owned retail outlets
Nike websites Rationale for Locations
Cheap labor sources
Raw materials Current Initiatives
Enviropmentally Preferred Materials
Waste Reduction
Restricted Substance List
Metrix Road Map Future
Closed Loop Supply Chain SCM Technology Software Modules
SAP- (ERP) Resource Management
SAP- (CRM) Customer Relationship
Llamasoft- SCM Simulation Models
Bluesign- Improved Sustainability

Leaner Supply Chain
Integration- Nike reduced guesswork from 30% to 3%
Data Tracking
Quality Management
Material Management
Supplier Data
Market Research
Competitive Intelligence
Network Infastructure
HP virtualized servers

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