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Customer Service

No description

Sirilak Khayankannawee

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Customer Service

Customer Service
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Before we going to compare about customer service in Thailand and Vietnam, we have to know what customer service is. Customer service
is very interaction with a customer.
We think that consumer services is important for businesses because we think customers is god which mean customers can make the company receive more money and profits that make the company can still maintain.
Offering tours according to the
requirements of customers.
Customer service in both Thai and Vietnamese have similar purpose, that is, creating customer. Therefore, in the development of customer service is the main purpose should take
Service with a smile.
Services to choose from a variety of both normal and buffet.
Payment before using the service
No changing rooms to the customer after
Can be use to service before payment
Upgraded rooms for free
There are other service for free, in addition to the booking
Most of the pressure will be customers to purchase
Food service less both in the normal and
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Miss.Sirilak Khayankannawee 0022
Miss.Chidchanok Wattanapokayakid 0026
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