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Employment of the 1020's

No description

Ashley Walton

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Employment of the 1020's

Employment of the 1920's The economy and businesses of the 1920's were fueled by easy money, making spending easier Employment was quite high and though not for long, people had security in their jobs The Boom New Businesses and production methods
-Manufacturers had large profits which increased wages
-Dept. stores used massive buying power and operating efficiences to lower prices and increased service and choice
-Higher incomes and introduction to credit
-Rural areas didn't benefit to the same extent Creation of middle management allowed women to enter the work force in large numbers for the first time.
During both world wars, women took over many traditional male jobs. Bust - Business ethics collapsed
-People took pay cuts and lost confidence as well as their jobs
-People felt profoundly alienated from the society in which they lived; "No work at home; not much work anywhere"
-Unemployed were no longer disregarded
-Value of property went down
-Small economy was getting smaller Easy money and easy spending came to an abrupt end in 1929
with the crash of the Stock Market.
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