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Call of Duty: Ghosts

No description

adam belkacemi

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Call of Duty: Ghosts

About the Cryptids
Othman: I like it because there is a lot of action, killing, and guns.
Adam: I like it because I play with online players, and I reveal my stress.
The cryptids are like zombies mode. They are not aliens, they're home is Earth 60 billion years ago. They always come from Dr.Samantha Cross, but they never kill her. Archer is the one who forced Dr.Samantha to hatch them, or else he would kill her.

Check out these AWESOME weapons.
These are what they are called.
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By:Othman Shahroor & Adam Belkacemi
M203, M4A1, USP .45, UMP45, Minigun, Mk 47 Mod 0, Patriot-XM11, Phalanx CIWS, Remote Sniper, V75 Mantis, ZPU-4, AK-12, APS Underwater Rifle, ARX-160, FAD, Honey Badger (weapon), Maverick, MSBS, Remington R5, SA-805, SC-2010, Ameli, Chain SAW, LSAT, M27-IAR, IA-2, M14 EBR, MR-28, SVU, Bulldog, MTS-255, Tac 12, L115, Lynx (weapon), Maverick-A2, Remote Sniper, USR, VKS, Combat Knife, MAAWS, Minigun, Riot Shield, Venom-X, Bizon, CBJ-MS, K7, MTAR-X, Ripper, Vector, Vepr, .44 Magnum, M9, MP-443 Grach, P226, PDW, Kastet, MK32, Panzerfaust (Ghosts), APS Underwater Rifle, Drill, Flashbang, Heartbeat Sensor, Push Dagger, Remote Sniper, Shockwave Claymore, Tear Gas, Thermobaric Mine.
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Watch this awesome TRAILER!

Known types of cryptids:

Scouts: are mere cannon fodder and are the smallest and weakest species of the cryptids, they prance on four legs and attack the player and drill.

Scorpions: are a odd species within cryptids, as they pose a small similarity to the rest of the species, scorpions are large aliens that use their large tail to shoot a powerful, noxious green gas that can choke and poison the player within a small area.
Hunters: are essentially evolved scouts, sharing a very similar body shape, albeit three times larger, they can run on two legs in a charge or run on all four, they have the most amount of health, save for the rhinos, and can inflict massive damage to the player or the drill if not dealt with immediately.
Seekers: are another odd species as they are a small, sphere-shaped alien that are able to self destruct, seekers will always appear from a fallen meteorite and will immediately start to seek out a player or drill in hopes of inflicting damage.
Rhinos: are an extremely powerful and evolved Cryptid that can prove to be a great challenge. The Rhino has an armored hide that makes it resilient to gunfire. Rhinos are known to run on their hind legs and fists in order to catch the player. They are able to charge at the player and slam the area near them to try and inflict shock damage.
Leapers: are a unique and rare evolution of the Hunter. The Leper is unique as it is the only cryptid that intentionally runs away from the player. The Leper will only spawn when the "Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds" challenge has begun.
Phantoms: are a breed of cryptids introduced in Nightfall. Phantoms are the next step in evolution for the Hunters. This allows the Phantom to become stronger and gives it the unique ablity of turning invisible when it jumps.
Breeders: are a dangerous breed of Cryptid introduced in Nightfall. The Breeder is a large, spider-like creature that easily towers over the player. The Breeder posseses several different attacks. It can use its razor sharp claws to try and kill the player and can also shoot a gas similar to that of the Scorpion. The Breeder possesses a unique machine gun attack that can damage and kill a player very quickly. Like its name suggests, the Breeder can lay eggs that will spawn more Cryptids. So far, the Breeder is the first and only Cryptid with its own health bar.
Seeders: are a breed of cryptid introduced in Mayday. Seeders have the ability to shoot toxic gas clouds like the Scorpions, but also can shoot out pods that grow into mutated plants. These plants will act like turrets. These plants can be killed or kept from growing if the pod they spawn from is destroyed. Seeders are the only cryptid encountered to walk across ceilings
Krakens:are a dangerous breed of cryptid. The Kraken gets its name from the famous fokelore of a huge sea monster, referred to as a Kraken. The Kraken was seen at the end of Nightfall's epilouge teasing the next map. The Kraken is by far the largest cryptid encountered in the game thus far. It is the only cryptid that is water based, but there were smaller, squid-like cryptids seen in Nightfall's epilouge that have not been seen in Mayday's trailer or mentioned by the Infinity Ward staff. The Kraken is expected to be the boss of Mayday, just like the Breeder was in Nightfall.
Hives: are a fungal conglomeration that reach deep into the earth's core to tap into the rich geothermal energy which they use over a source of light. The hives have the ability to rapidly regenerate lost cells, making destroying them nearly impossible without the use of Laser Drills. By releasing pheromones in order to communicate with the Cryptids, they in turn protect the hives.
Pods: Seeders have the ability to produce pods that, if not destroyed in time, grow into dangerous plants. These plants shoot projectiles that can damage the player significantly if directly hit. These plants can be killed directly or killed by destroying the pods before the grow into the plants.
Fun facts
Dr.Samantha was a scientist since she was 11 years old.
The Cryptids hatched from a machine called the cryptinator.
Archer is the most wanted player in the whole game.
Dr.Samantha knows 28 languages.
Thank you for watching our disgusting but mostly AWESOME presentation!!!!!
Salias: are also a breed of cryptid introduced on MayDay.They can fly and run,but its legs are not steady.When the Salia attacks you once you are dead.The only way you can kill it is by shooting its legs when he is standing still.The Salia can run 7900 miles per hour.
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