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Wisconsin Youth Company Prezi

Visual map of engagement and results for work on Collaboration and Capacity Building for Wisconsin Youth Company.

James Carlson

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Wisconsin Youth Company Prezi

Host full-day off-site event with selected team
Facilitate safe sharing of personal values
Facilitate development of common values for collaboration
Provide introductory technology training
Kick-off culture of collaboration
Wisconsin Youth Company
Collaboration and Capacity Building
Identify internal champions
Conduct team-wide survey
Host focus group discussions
Identify risks and opportunities
Work Design
Customize tools for organization use
Perform testing and verification
Train internal champions
Plan the culture of collaboration with champions
Plan the Bootcamp event and agenda
Prepare tools for team use
Coordinate Bootcamp event logistics
Provide on-going collaboration culture mentoring
Provide technology tool mentoring
Design structures for sharing information and accountability
Aggregate Results
Analysis and Score
Narrative Analysis
Tech Analysis
Select collaboration tools
Culture of commitment makes up for gaps created by lack of accountability
I will just do it myself if someone else doesn't do it
Opportunity to create respect between team members
Strong commitment to vision and mission
Define accountability for the organization
Check-in procedures needed
Use of timelines and deadlines made more common
Tendency toward finger-pointing; passive language; “I” performed higher than “they” in the survey.
Lack of awareness of others
Reacting to mistakes afterwards, then not taking time to correct underlying cause
Process consistency and definition is needed
Modifications of performance review process to include accountability weighting
Technology changes are needed to improve efficiency
Meetings without preparation or followup
Decision-making principles are lacking
Unclear flows of information and authority
Information unavailable or difficult to access
Not clear who to talk to about what things
Assumption that people will know things when they might not
Tech Recommendations from Survey
Centralized project management
Google Drive
Agenda prep tool
Replace print folder system with shared folder system
iPad for field teams
QR Codes
Shared Calendar
Interactive Staff Application on Website
Digital Archive
Technology Training
On-site technology
Student Tracking technology
Electronic timesheets
Updated hardware and faster computers
Digital Attendance Log
Voicemail transcription
Improved registration process
Family communications and update tools
Common access to technology
Leadership Team - Dec 3 2014
Program Managers / Site
Circle Practice
Project Overview
Goals Today
Numerical Results / Observations Circle
Narrative Results / Observations Circle
Magical Device
Champion Nominations
Next Steps
Technology Inventory
Circle Practice
Project Overview
Goals Today
Numerical Results / Observations Circle
Narrative Results / Observations Circle
Magical Device
Champion Nominations
Next Steps
Office 365
Aggregate Results
Analysis and Score
Narrative Analysis
Champions meetings
Conduct team-wide survey
Sustaining the change
Getting through the 'slump'
Bringing everyone else on board
Taking advantage of time together
I believe people know what others are accountable/responsible for, but struggle with "how" to hold others accountable. What to say when a task has not been done or partially completed. I also believe accountability could be managed better, if we allow ourselves the proper time frame to complete a project, whether it's marketing materials, registration prep and other program design or events.
I do not believe that all mangers understand their accountabilities
Leadership is still working on procedures and best practices for using office 365. Communication continues to be a big struggle.

I feel confident that with the new system that the work I am doing is visible and seen by my colleagues. I feel like I have a glimpse of what others are working on as well.

My team has had a large change, and it is nice. I see change in other upper management, and not so much in program staff/site supervisors. They seem to not budge much.
Having information that is essential to groups across the organization available in a central location would make it easier to access when needed and we would not have to wait for someone to get back to us or send information to us. It would help to keep projects moving as well.
Develop a process for proofing and updating documents on the one drive.Train staff on how to use those processes. Our staff are at different places in their desire to use technology, access to technology, and training in the use of technology. How do we take those things into consideration and keep the best front line, relationship building child care staff?
We have yet to use the wiki to upload reference materials. I do not know if that's good or bad. It would be beneficial to start identifying documents that should be in the wiki or revisit notes from the bootcamp
It's not the software in general, it's how we use the software. We need to establish new working guidelines that sets us up for success, but allows (small) failures that we can learn from. We are in the process of establishing guidelines.
Technology training on the specific tools would be useful. At the organization there is a full spectrum in regards to tools used.
I think that my coworkers are still navigating the new one drive and wiki. When work is shared it sometimes goes unnoticed because people are lost in where it is saved on one drive.
365 is wonderful, but a bigger push for technology for site staff should be addressed.
Keep the Champions alive
Basic Skills Training: Borrow from your youth!
Own the Map - use to get there
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