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Alannah Schauer

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of McDonalds

Shnell Wishart
Brandon Rodriguez
Yuting Yang
Alannah Schauer Systems of the King of Fast Food McDonalds Decision Support System Conclusion Decision support systems help executives make better decisions by using historical and current data from internal Information Systems and external sources.

Decision support system is used to make model data and make quality decision based on the data.

It can sift through large amounts of data and and pick between many choices and supports the non-routine decision. The success of McDonald’s depends on everyone in the business following a system. This is one of the key secrets of business success. If a business can grasp the importance of this the way McDonald’s has, then they can achieve great things. Database Management System Definition:
store, change and query data

secure access to the data

has business rules

has query language Knowledge Management System Transaction Processing System Collecting, storing, modifying, and retrieving the daily transactions of an organization.

Also includes payroll, keeping employee records, and the actual disbursement of money to its employees.

All of these aspects of TPS must be stored and secured safely due to the fact that these transactions involve the exchange of money. Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in providing products or services for customers.

Storage and delivery of raw materials, work in-process inventory, and finished goods from its point of origin to its point of consumption.

McDonald's holds their SCM to standards such as quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Point of Sale System Customer Satisfaction

Capture total sales

Gather information

Provides a wealth of knowledge Provide rapid feedback

Customers are most important

Provide profitability and information

Able to plan for the future Database Management System Database Management System Database Management System Data Warehouse McDonald's Corporation is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

68 million customers daily

Have many different systems that provide specific service

Understanding the system functions will give you an understanding of why McDonald's has become a great success An example of McDonald's using its TPS would be the ordering of raw materials from its suppliers to maintain customer satisfaction.

Each time an order to a supplier has been placed, a transaction has occurred.

Since each transaction is carefully noted, TPS also proves to be useful in decision making.

McDonald's can analyze daily transactions to see which items on their menu are performing well. Transaction Processing System Supply Chain Management Sustainable Land Management Commitment

Animal Welfare

Supplier Workplace Accountability Program (SWA) Database management System McDonald's
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