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All things to do with hexaflexagons.

julia l

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Hexaflexagons

Hexaflexagons Hexaflexagons were discovered by a school student in the 1930s. But then what happened after Arthur Stone discover this wonderful thing? maybe it was forgotten... Well that's all well and in the past, but what can I do now, I want to make one. (This video was made by me, and my voice sounded weird) (I did not make this video, I found it on Youtube) But how do they work and is there a pattern? Well, I have made a graph of all the possibilities if you didn't flip it around at any point and follow these steps: 1. Right after you finished making the hexaflexagon, flip it around and write 'A' or colour it in on all of the triangles, but remember that that the colour = A on the graph. 2. Now you can start to open side 'A' up and get to another side, but wait! You have to make sure that you are opening it up on the right one. Because on some sides like 'A' you can open it up in 2 ways. one is 'B' and one is 'E'. To make sure you know which is which, remember the bit that you glued together? On side 'B' you will find the glued together piece of paper. 3. open up to 'B', but don't turn it. use the same fold to open up to 'C' 4. Just follow the arrows Key: a letter with a line over it means that the letters are pointing in different in directions, it is hard to tell this if you have coloured the whole side. the arrows mean that you can open up to that side. We already did 'A' to 'B' to 'C', but you can see that the letter 'A' in the upper left hand corner also has an arrow pointing to 'E'. This means that if you go back to 'A' by go from 'C' to weird 'A' back to 'B' then turn and go to a blank side and write 'D' then use 'D' to go back to 'A', you can find the blank side to which you can open up to by 'A' and write 'E'. Thank you for watching this Prezi and I hope you enjoy making loads of hexaflexagons, just like I did. If you are wondering how the hexaflexagon works, then it might help to first figure out how a 3 side, simpler and easier-to-make hexaflexagon works, here is how to make one:
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