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Textual Lineage: An Autoethnographic Exploration of the Storied Self

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Travis Richey

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Textual Lineage: An Autoethnographic Exploration of the Storied Self

An Autoethnographic Exploration
of the Storied Self Textual-Lineage The Back Story: Research Problem, Purpose of Study, & Research Question Literature Review Research Findings Methodology Themes Conclusion Culture: to consume and to be consumed The lived vs. the planned curriculum Aesthetic characteristics To be critically aware of my textual preferences Culture: that which grows around us and contributes to our own growth Culture: the curriculum of an individual and his or her connection to the world Culture: the stories we tell and are told Visions of "personalized learning" Culture and identity To explore a textual lineage Research Problem Purpose of Study To take responsibility for my own education Research Question(s) How has my textual lineage contributed to the development of my identity as an educator? What constitutes my textual lineage; what stories comprise my personal curriculum? How has my understanding of this personal curriculum informed my identity? How does my textual lineage inform my practice as an educator? Curriculum Identity Practice The pedagogical confluence of text and experience in stories lived and told
Pinar's "currere" & Tatum's "textual lineage". Stories: the places where text and experience converge The "mimetic function" of stories according to Ricoeur:
First, they reference familiar knowledge and experience
Second, they provide creative spaces where those experiences are schematized to convey understanding
Third, meaning is integrated in to actual, lived experience Aoki: Jung & Bruner: Rosenblatt & Dewey: Herman & Freire: The mediation of ideas Situated understanding The communicative purpose of symbolism Clandinin & Connelly
& Freeman: Narrative understanding The embodiment of acquired meaning Pinar: Sumara: Jackson: Ricoeur: Polkinghorne: Deconstructing the fictive self How stories told become stories lived Freire: Ricoeur: Kanu: A"discursive identity" is both "negotiated" and "exercised" Clandinin & Connelly' Prior Understandings Textual Lineage" The stories that educate us over our lifetime Curriculum The pedagogical equivalent of this mimesis... "...a challenge [we] must meet." Prior Research & Gaps in Understanding What we know... What we don't know... Cognitive engagement in narrative is similar to that in "real" life
We draw on narrative understanding to inform identity
facilitate critical thinking
reflect cultural meaning-making processes
contribute to the formation of identity
Identity reflects values and perspectives
Identity influences practice
Identity and the contexts in which it is situated are fluid over time How individual's situate themselves and create their own cultural "webs of significance" (Geertz).

The effect of this personal culture The "outside" influence of culture is undeniable, but what interest me is... Approach & Rational Data Sources Data Analysis Strategies for Validating Findings Expected Outcomes auto ethno graphy To describe and analyze personal experience in order to understand cultural experience To illuminate the ways in which my storied understanding informs my identity and influences my professional practice. Life history
Educational autobiography (my "currere")
Stories of cultural experiences
Influential texts
Personal journals
Documents and reflections pertaining to my professional practice. Collection and analysis proceed simultaneously

Emergent process(es)

Restorying to illuminate
themes, turning points, and a chronology of understanding Personal significance


Credibility as a narrator To reveal a strong connection between textual lineage and identity

To illuminate the influence of textual lineage on professional practice

To prompt others to reflect on the texts and experiences that have informed their own understanding A narrative thread composed of significant texts and experiences The liminal experience Empowerment Creativity A convincing, yet imaginative realism Sketchily-defined worlds whose elegant simplicity captured my imagination.... ...helped to cultivate my personal taste... ...and guided my narrative selections. My personal tastes mirror my "storyworld" understanding imaginative, haphazard, confrontational "of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in-between, transitional" (Merriam-Webster) An interfluence of diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives embodied and enacted Stronger together when independently strong
A unique individual whose strengths are nurtured... Independent


Empowered ...has the potential to empower a whole community Creative characters... ...who exercise their rights and responsibilities as creators ...teach us with their stories of being alive and of learning Uncover a personal curriculum Broadened notions of text and experience Human diversity and the importance of the "lived curriculum" ...that brings fiction & history together Identity is a creative process... ...along with the knowledge of others ...to tell stories that "actually make us what we are" An "intersubjective" reality implies participation Gee: Embodied understanding a "community participating" To foster an awareness of diversity Nurture curiosity, confidence, in unique understandings. Experience, learning, & identity
are transitory and continuous. The role and responsibilities of a creator Our lives are stories waiting to be told, critically examined and reimagined The lived curriculum is a life examined Identity Practice A power and a vital presence Living among giants and struggling to measure up Venturing out on my own Exploring strange new worlds Beginning to question the dogma
Tearing down... Building up Christianity Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang The importance of stories: my stories, your stories, and the stories we tell together Andrew Henry's Meadow Star Trek: The Next Generation Punk Jack the Giant Killer Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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