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Education Technology in Germany

No description

Hannes Leber

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Education Technology in Germany

Educational Technology
in Germany

is a very broad and complex
topic when seen from abroad
for some very simple
Germany has a multitude of different schooling systems
Germany has 17 Ministries of Education, all having their very own stance on schooling system and financing
To complicate things even further,
Germany has 17 Ministries of Education
(16 on state and 1 on federal level),
all with different interests and education strategies
Let us show you some examples for LET application in Germany, then
As we will discuss primary and secondary school in detail later, let us take you to the important phase of passage from secondary school to vocational education, after 9th or 10th grade

Continuing to the field of academic education, let us show you two examples of university learning environments.
LET in Higher Education
First, lets have a look at an account at the
Technische Universität Berlin

What differences to the learning environments you know can you find? What could be possible advantages and disadvantages of this system?
Coming back to the use of LET in primary and secondary school, we would like to introduce you to two examples of Best Practice. Take some minutes time to read the following articles:
Case 1:
Project Website: http://www.schubi-ol.de/

Case 2: http://download.intel.com/education/teach/IN_CS_Germany.pdf
Text Work and Discussion
What makes these cases distinct to your experience in your home country? Which experiences could be generalized?
Thank you for your Attention!
Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!

Of course, considering education politics and financing as well as cultural tradition, there are quite some obstacles in the equal implementation of LET in all school types and "Bundesländer".

BITKOM, Germany's top level ICT lobbying body, has published a survey among 500 teachers, showing big gaps in the spread of ICT use in classrooms
The Dark Side
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