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Edward Snowden

No description

Sidney Stone

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Edward Snowden

Who is involved?
Edward Snowden has recently been in international spotlight for releasing confidential information about the United States Federal Government to the press. Was this an act of a treasonist or a concerned citizen.

Why is this topic important?
Edward Snowden released classified information but at the same time he did all of America a big favor. He let us know that we had no privacy on the internet. That the U.S. government has been sifting through American's personal information on their computers and phones. This is very important knowledge because the United states federal government has been violating our rights and it needs to stop.
When and where did this happen?
Snowden released all of the classified information in the summer of 2013. He was in Hong Kong when he gave an interview and documents to a reporter
Who made this happen?
The NSA forced Snowden's hand when they were invading everyone's privacy on a daily basis. We are supposed to have rights that should not be messed with. So Snowden did what he saw fit.
Who is against it?
Most of the government, especially President Obama thinks that he made the wrong decision. They think that what Snowden did was illegal. Quite a few Americans were thankful for it though. They think that all Snowden did was blow a whistle and wave the red flags.
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency (NSA) are involved. The NSA was spying on people and sifting through their personal data. Snowden decided that he couldn't let secret
Is this issue still going on if so where?
This issue is still somewhat going on. Snowden is wanted by the United States Federal Government for two counts of espionage and several other things.
What are the effects of this topic?
After Snowden released those documents many things happened. He let Americans know that there rights were being ignored. This outraged people all around the country. It also let foreign countries know that they were being spied on. This didn't help America at all diplomatically.
What opinions does this topic lead you to?
This topic has made me think that Snowden was right to do what he did. He informed us all that Americans rights were being ignored. What he did may have been illegal but what is more illegal our rights being ignored or releasing classified information that informed us of that. So I think that Snowden should be thanked instead of punished, all he did was make the government follow the constitution.
Think about what you would do in Snowden's position. Would you stand by and let the government lie to everyone, or would you do something about it, even if you knew that you would be exiled.
Explaining my topic.
Think about why this is important.
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