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Lab Safety!

No description

Destiny Millan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Lab Safety!

Lab Safety! By,
Destiny Millan Wear appropriate clothing! Hungry? Well, your hunger can wait,
when you're in biology class doing experiments,
you shouldn't eat, drink, chew gum, nothing.
Because not only is it hazardous,
but it's distracting.
Uh oh, accident? We all make mistakes. Don't be afraid to report an accident, if it's not your fault, don't be thinking you're going to get in trouble. It makes everything
easier. Accidents include, burns, cuts, spills,
glass breaks etc. The Rules! Ladies, and some guys, tie your hair up.
And keep your shoes tied tight
and make sure your little piggies
aren't showing! Wear a lab coat,
goggles, and gloves. Do not start doing a experiment without knowing what to do. So many things could go wrong. Read your instructions, read the book, and if you still don't understand, ask your teacher! That's what they're there for! Know what you're doing!! Don't goof off or try to do anything dangerous. You are responsible for your safety! Only you. And if you're handling live animals, you're responsible for their safety too. You're a teenager, act responsible! Dispose of your chemicals correctly! Never mix chemicals in sink drains! Sinks are used only for water. Always ask your teacher how to properly dispose of your unused chemicals, never put them back in their original containers. Chemicals! Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth. The chemicals could be, and probably are, hazardous. You could get super ill, blind, and maybe die. So just wash your hands frequently. Hands, and eyes, and mouths, oh no! Always work in a well ventilated area, you should be trying to not breathe in all the toxins and what not. So open a window, a door, anything. Keep the air flowin and the project goin. Air! Sharp objects! Scissors, scalpels, pins, and knifes are sharp..they can cut or puncture your skin.
Ouch. Always direct sharp objects away from you and others. Use a clamp or tongs to hold hot objects. Do not touch hot things with bare hands! And if a fire happens, use an extinguisher! Heating!
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