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IRAN: 5 themes of Geography

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Brianna Margo

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of IRAN: 5 themes of Geography

IRAN: 5 Themes of Geography Physical and Human Characteristics Place Movement Absolute and Relative Location Formal, Functional, Perceptual Region water pollution
desalination - modify
irrigation - modify
air pollution Human Environment Interaction Location Absolute Relative Above the Equator
Northeastern Hemisphere
Continent = Asia Right of Iraq
Left of Afghanistan Bordering Gulf of Oman
Below Caspian Sea Tehran, Iran's absolute location is 35- 41N and 51-25 E Physical Human Landforms cover 88.93% of land:
Zargro and Elbnrz Mountains
Kavir and Lut Desert
Lake Urmia
Plants and Animals
Asiatic Cheetah
Water Buffalo
Golden Jackal
Caspian Forest (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Agriculture:
-Replanted crops every harvest cover 9.78% of land:
-Land not replanted covers 1.29%
Ziggurat-temple built in the shape of a pyramid
Main - Islam
bicycles Region Formal Functional Perceptual Everyone wears head scarves All men treat their wives as property All people there are terrorists Part of the Middle East 30 Provinces ->
Countries ->
Districts ->
Subdistricts Petroleum Copper
Coal Zinc
Sulfur Major Cities:
Estahan Government is run by religious authority
Earthquakes Insufficient amounts of water
Possible nuclear ambitions
Unreliable nursing services affordable to live there; not expensive
hospitable inland areas - lightweight clothing during daylight; sweaters at night
waterproof medium wear in winter Desalination Irrigation Pollution in atmosphere Reasons to move to or out of Iran Reasons to Move Out Reasons to Move Out Reasons to Move to Adaptations Removal of salt, especially from salt water
Dry arid climate, main water source is the Caspian Sea, funded desalination project
Get clean water (desalinated)
1 Billion dollars to Implement Iran is trying to reduce imports from foreign countries to contradict sanctions made by western countries so it will affect the United States' economy
The air pollution in Iran is a major contributor in the destruction of our atmosphere
Iran is trying not to export oil and other natural resources to western countries How this Affects Us Much agricultural land but the availability of water is a constraint preventing its development
Can't sufficiently irrigate all agricultural land
Controlled flooding - store water in dams and field ditches to be distributed onto crops later Few rules to maintain air quality
growth of urbanization
Ahwaz, Iran has the highest levels of polluted air
particles of air pollution from cars(carbon monoxide) and power plants cause heart disease, lung cancer, asthma Countries such as Israel, the United States, Afghanistan, and other countries bordering Iran are concerned about Iran's developing nuclear programs at sites like Tehran
Iran's intentions in developing the programs are unclear; Iranian officials say the country’s nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes
Western countries have sanctioned Iran due to the belief that Iran is developing the program to create nuclear weapons to start war and become a large country of power Iran's Nuclear Program
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