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Week 7

Finding Tone, Mood and Theme in Images

Matt Jennings

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Week 7

1. Enlargement

2. Diameter

3. Volume

4. Perimeter

5. Radius

6. Equation

A.) The sum of the lengths of the sides

B.) The distance from the center
to the edge of the circle

C.) A mathematical statement that says
two expressions have the same value

D.) A measurement of space or capacity

E.) To make bigger using a scale factor

F.) The distance across a circle through
its center DO NOW:
April 20, 2010 Answers:

1.) E
2.) F
3.) D
4.) A
5.) B
6.) C Keywords:

Theme: Basic ideas of a story that can be
applied to other areas of life. Themes
give meaning to a work of literature Mood: emotional effect that the text
creates for the audience
Tone: speaker’s, author's, artist's attitude
toward his/her work How to explain the theme, tone or
mood of a picture: Step 1: What do you see? Step 2: What can you infer about
the image? Step 3: What do you feel?
What feelings are evoked? Step 4: How does this relate
more broadly to life? Complete the independent practice assignment What is your first reaction now that we have finished the book? How do you feel?

What do you think Elie saw in the mirror?

Would you have been able to overcome the trials that Elie overcame?
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