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to learn all about the lynx

elle elle

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Lynx

The title of my article is...... The author of the article is..... The Genre is non fiction and..... The purpose is to talk about lynx. some things you will learn are what they eat, how fast they can run and more fun facts about lynx 3 New Words districts ( dis tricts ) Noun or Verb district is an name of an area not a city or town. enemy ( en em me) Noun a personal enemy rather ( ra ther ) Adverb rather means you'd prefer something over something else Three things I learned 1. They make their home in a cave , hollow logs and thick bushes. 2. Lynx hunt at night and sometimes may come out to hunt earlier. 3. Lynx can live in the Yukon Territories , British Columbia, Southern Northwest territories, northern Alberta and Saskatchewan . Pictures here are some pictures of Lynx: Lynx video Lynx aren't very calm they are always jumping and ready to attack they are very different than normal cats Fun facts As you see in the picture they are nothing like regular cats Charles May The Purpose Lynx They have lots of fur covering their body. Lynx have sharp claws. They kind of look like a leopard and a cheetah mixed together. what does it look like ? Its Young Baby Lynx look like tiny cats. They have long fur at the end of their ears. They cant see or hear when they are first born . They can have 1 to 4 babies in spring. Their babies are usually called kittens or cubs. Lynx cubs have very good eye sight and hearing when they are 2 years old. + = Habitat Its habitat can be under branches of trees, in a log or a big dry dark cave Game What is a baby lynx called name both options. Kittens and cubs what is one feature of a lynx. ears have points at the end and
they can have spots. True or False, they can live in hollow logs and caves. True They may look powerful in a fight
but they aren't. They would rather
hide in a tree than fight. True or False, Lynx are brave fighters False True or false lynx have long tails and short legs FALSE tricked ya if you said true!!!! False, tricked you if you
said true And that's my book talk any questions?? and thanks for listening by: elle elle lynx hunting at night searching for prey. This video is about a lynx with one arm and other lynx playing in a tree with each other question mark guy!!!!!
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