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Canada's Role in the british empire

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aidan parnell

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Canada's Role in the british empire

Canada's role in the British Empire during the
1800's By: Aidan Parnell During the late 1800's the cost of warships went up During the 1800's Germany
was Britain's strongest rival. Germany began to build a navy of more advanced warships (steam powered). Warships were just beginning to become steam powered. Britain began to lean on the dominions in a struggle to keep up with Germany. After a series of Colonial conferences , Britain issued heavy demands of support from Empire countries. The Empire countries would :

- Supply troops when requested

- Maintain naval vessels for their own defence Britain would use them in times of war

- Send money to Britain to help with the costs of protecting the empire English-Canadian Attitudes The majority of English speaking Canadian were british. They felt that they had a duty to help Britain defend the empire. In 1897 Queen Victoria celebrated her diamond jubilee She had been queen for
60 years! In 1899 britain became involved in a war in southern africa French speaking canadians were opposed to involment in british conflict.

They argued that Britain was not there homeland, so why should they have to help defend it. They were even less keen to defend France. France was Britain's ally against
Germany. No imagration from France since the
British conquest of quebec in 1760. French Canadians had no closs
ties to France. The imperial federation debate. In the 1890's new idea called
imperial federation began to emerge. Its best known supporter was Joseph Chamberlain who was a british politician Supporters of imperial federation believed that the dominions should build navies of there own that the british could use in times of war. Naval vessel This naval fleet could be sent anywhere in the world to defend the british empire and the empires trading routes if needed World map during late 1800's Support for imperial federation George Munro Grant - Had a speech published by the
Manitoba free press - He was a Presbyterian minister
and writer from Nova Scotia - He believed that Imperial
Federation was an opportunity for Canada George Munro Grant Opposition to imperial Federation Imperial federation would mean that Britain would be in control of the Empire's navy. Navy ship during the 1800's Many Canadians were unhappy
with this idea. Conclusion During the 1800's Canada played a huge
role in the expansion of British Empire! Thanks for Listening!!!!!!!!
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