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İzmir Bilateral

No description

Mustafa Hakan BUCUK

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of İzmir Bilateral

The last message is interesting:
Now the streets are all empty !
This commercial is from 80s, more than 30 years have passed and
the streets have becoming more and more silent and empty in Turkey
What about UK?
One in three children has never climbed a tree and half have never made a daisy chain.
We played football outside
They generally play football with playstation or pc
We made planes and ships from paper
Our children and students are now pilots of virtual planes and sink virtual ships in virtual games.
Most of us have a scar on our knees as a memory from our childhood and plays in the streets
And… our children are being wounded in virtual war games. They are very popular
My older sister, 2 years older than me, made small clothes for her dolls
My elder sister, 14 years younger than me, virtually designed small clothes for her virtual dolls and dressed up them virtually.
I can not remember how many times I climbed a tree in my childhood
My sister’s son has not climbed a tree yet.
Our children and students are mostly spending their time in front of a computer, with a smartphone or game stations
Experts warn that this generation of children are in danger of growing into dysfunctional adults because they do not play outside
A study found that 60 per cent of youngsters would rather watch television or play computer games than venture outdoors.
Is there a difference between two smiles?
There is a big difference!
real vs. virtual life
These pictures show us two important points:
Times have changed a lot This is the easiest conclusion
We are becoming more and more connected
Could you imagine 20-30 years later?
It is obvious that we need some tools which can help us to:
- Balance and connect virtual and real life.
- become "together"
We have to balance virtual and real life.

This is one of the most important challenges of today and tomorrow.
more and more alone
We need to be connected
And also we need to be "together"
We need to balance emotional and cognitive skills
Those who share similar hopes, expectations, fears, happiness are "together" even if they are separate. So, we need our emotions.
Let's build a kite together and see
Thank you
Bilateral Contact Seminar
3-4 October 2013
Math, Science, Art, Psychical Education, Geography, Language, Guidance Service of the School, Headmaster, Grandparents and parents can be included in this project. Students are in the center!
This is an eTwinning Project, your partners will do the same steps and you will share all the steps with each other via TwinSpace.
Your students will be included in TwinSpace and share their experiences virtually.
All the steps will be captured, photos will be taken and uploaded to TwinSpace.
They can also use Web 2.0 tools
As a homework, you ask your students to build a diamond kite with his/her parents. Contact the parents beforehand, if necessary.
There are more than enough sources about building a kite in blogs, web sites, forums, videos. Students can search for the most descriptive and reliable one, with their parents.
Ask your students to write their biggest dreams. They should write at least 5 dreams.
Future expectations, plans. Work in close collaboration with the Guidance Service of the school.

A research conducted in Harvard University proved that the graduates who wrote their dreams and future plans are much more likely to achieve them. The more successful graduates are the ones who wrote their dreams/hopes/future plans on a paper or something else. The other group had also career plans but they did not wrote them.
We cannot neglect or ignore the requirements of the new age. We have to educate our children and students with the skills needed in this age. This is inevitable.
But, at the same time we have to raise them as healthy individuals and human-beings.

Information Age,
Networking Age,
Digital Age
Virtual Age
Not only the time...Our students have also changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.
They spend their time using computers, videogames, digital music players, video cams, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age.
They are "Digital Natives" as Marc Prensky says
Our students today are all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet.
How they learn,
Where they learn,
When they learn
What they should learn
Have changed a lot.
How we teach
Where we teach
When we teach
What we teach
Should change.
Here comes 21st Century Skills.
Not only the students, but also we need to learn these skills as teachers.
Twenty-first-century skills are the special abilities children need to develop so that they can be prepared for the challenges of work and life in the 21st century
All these are technocratic point of view, based mostly on rationalism. In plain words, thinking like an engineer.
Togetherness does not mean only to be in the same psychical environment. We are all together here in this room, but are we really "together"?
How all these are possible with eTwinning?
Because the teachers' role in the community is building the future. Teachers are the architects
New age, new skills
From a teachers' perspective, This scale is unbalanced.
How can eTwinning help us to connect virtual and real life?
How is it possible to balance the virtual and real life with eTwinning?
How can eTwinning can make us "together" and connected?
21st Century Skill:
Information Literacy
21st Century Skill: Life and career Skills Self-direction and self-expression
21st Century Skills:
Interpersonal Skills
Communication (f2f)Skills
Collaboration (f2f)Skills
Social Skills
Teamworking skills for both teachers and studends
i will be the prime minister
i will win the nobel prize
Gold medal in the 2020 olymipcs
Find cure for cancer
Let them use their imagination power!
Let them think big!
Dream is the mother of the reality
Today's realities was yesterday's dreams
21st Century Skills:

Virtual Communication Skills
Intercultural Skills
Virtual Collaboration Skills
Language skills
Virtual Teamworking Skills
Both for students and teachers
When the kites are built, it is time to test them!
There will be some problems in some of the students' kites. Let them learn from each others' mistakes. This is not a competition, there is no need to compete.
The sky is big enough and the wind is strong enough for all the kites!
Show time!
If each kite is tested and ready, determine a suitable day with your eTwinning partners.
Could you imagine the picture? There will a lot of colorful kites on the sky of each partner country.
Just kites? Dreams are also on the sky!
Do not forget to capture the scene and take photos! See the smiling eyes and happiness of your students and yourself.

One of the greatest happiness of the world is to know that you are the reason of one person's smile. Enjoy it.
We human beings never forget the moments when we feel deep emotions. Your students will never forget this. They will never forget their dreams. Chase for them throughout their lives.
It was just a simple kite at the beginning.
It will make you more together with your students, your students will be more together with their parents. Be sure about it. You will have similar emotions. And you will be together.

You will be connected and you will be together!

It is in your hands to encolour this picture
I want to end my speech with 5 key points of my presentation
1. New age, new skills
2. We have to balance virtual and real life of our students. Teachers have a key and integral role in this process.
3. eTwinning is a good and comprehensive tool which can help teachers to build bridge between the students’ virtual and real life.
4. If we can think, we should think bigger and bigger and bigger. To think bigger, we need our imagination and dreams. Do not forget dreaming.
Dream is the mother of the reality.
5. Togetherness does not mean being in the same place. We need shared hopes, fears, expectations and emotions to become together. If there is togetherness, there is synergy, where is synergy, there is success!
Stay connected
Stay together!
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