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"The Reading" Film Trailer Evaluation

An evaluation of my work throughout the course!

Catherine Moranda

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of "The Reading" Film Trailer Evaluation

Advanced Portfolio Evaluation "The Reading" Film Trailer
By Catherine Moranda View my blog to see my progress throughout the course at: http://mediathereadingtrailer.blogspot.com/ The Reading The Film Magazine Cover Film Poster The Film Trailer All of these can be found on my blog:
http://mediathereadingtrailer.blogspot.com/ In what ways does your media project use or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My film trailer uses some of the conventions of other similar products by using a narrative and textual codes, like many professional film trailers. Equipment This was quite a challenge as I was working on my own and also because of the quality of equipment with which I was provided. These will clearly not match those of a professional set of equipment used in the making of a professional film trailer. Credits Like many film trailers my production contains images at the end of the film showing when the film is out, what the film is, the tagline and then all those involved in the making of the "movie". I do also, have credits at the end of my music video crediting the right people for the role they played in the final product. Introducing the Product I feel that my prouct was introduced in a similar fashion to many professional trailers. I also managed to even get the preview approved sign up!! Special Effects Like many film trailers before mine, special effects have been used in order to create a certain tone or atmosphere for the audience. Effects I used include; slow-mo, old world visual effects and day to night effects. Transitions In film trailers, the transitions used are a crucial tool for changing scenes or viewing scenes from a different angle. The transitions are also a good way to show time passing, and these are an effect I have greatly considered and chosen carefully throughout my final product. I also used quick cut editing for added tension and dramatic effect Like in my film trailer, these transitions can be seen in Steven Spielberg's trailer for the film "Poltergeist". Conventions How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary texts? I used a simple image for the front cover of the magazine, of one of the main characters. I used the Voodoo gypsy as she is interesting, draws in the readers and makes them want to know more about who she is and what role she plays. For the film poster I wanted something simple. To fit in with the genre of the film and to tie in with the magazine cover, I used just the eyes of the Voodoo gypsy. Not only are eyes terrifying but these ones create a fearsome atmosphere like in the trailer! After having researched other film posters I was able to list the fictitious characters involved in the trailer The repetition of the slogan makes it stick into the mind of the target audience and creates links between the slogan in the trailer and the poster. The continuity of the house style from the film trailer creates links between the poster and the film with the audience! Here are some other film posters who use fairly simple layouts in order to intrigue the audience, which makes them want to see the film! Bold font in a bright colour to promote the magazine The image used to appeal to target audience. The price is in a clear bold text in order to show the important information clearly. I have used the image of the Voodoo gypsy in order for the audence to recognise the film trailer and characters. I have used a simple layout for this magazine to maintain the style of the trailer and the film poster, both of which have a very simple theme and layout. I have used bold colours to make the important information stand out stand out for the audience. I also created the image of the voodoo gypsy in her settings in order to create intrigue. I feel this link between the trailer is very important as it creates associations between the two ancillary tasks and the main trailer. This is a film magazine cover for Total Film magazine. I based my magazine cover on this. I believe that my two ancillary tasks were a useful marketing tool that will appeal to my target audience. Both tasks have integrated the theme of my film trailer, to target my audience of young male and females age 15 to 30 years, who have an interest in thriller films. Many other film producers use these tools in order to create a competitive market. In order to successfully reach my target audience, it is imperative that the positioning of my ancillary tasks is carefully planned and promoted. The more carefully this is done, the more viewers will watch my film trailer. It is important that I use my main task of the film trailer to promote my production, showing the video on youtube.com, on film channels and other visual media outlets that are popular and used every day worldwide. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation? Construction I burnt my film trailer to a disc and was able to do this without any problems. Now I have my production on a rewritable disc! When I had completed my film trailer, I imported it to iDVD where I was able to create a menu with footage and sound that matched my film trailer. The filming equipment I used to create my music video and ancillary tasks was a handheld camera, a tripod and a digital camera. Without my planning the filming would have taken twice as long and would have been extremely disorganised. Using a firwire, I uploaded my film onto a macbook pro where I was able to import my film and begin editing using iMovie. I used photoshop to create my ancillary tasks. It was nice to brush up on my skills and I really like the results of my work. Planning Blogspot.com has been a great help as it has been the source where I store all of my planning, research and practical work. On my blog I have used images and links to all the necessary information concerning my production work. In order to keep my practical work organised I created a folder where I kept all of my notes, such as my detailed storyboard and shot sequences and angles etc. I was able to store my soundtracks in iTunes, so that when I needed to use them, they were easily accessible. Evaluation I will upload my evaluation to my blog from the prezi website, where it will be as accessible as part of my research and planning. I have evaluated every step of my journey in this production on my evaluation, so just sit back and enjoy!! I have uploaded my film onto youtube.com where the film trailer is open for people to leave comment s about what they thought. I have also included a copy right infringement notice so that I won't get sued! Although as it was an original trailer, that probably wouldn't happen!! In order to create my evaluation I am using an online presentation website called prezi.com
This website seemed difficult to use at first, but after some tutorials, I soon got the hang of it!! Research I started my research by watching some original trailers of films that also fell under the genre of thriller/horror. I used the internet to research a lot of my project. It's handy to access information very quickly and to find a reliable sources. I looked at some of the "making of..." videos from other films and trailers Which helped me to understand the ideas behind trailers of my genre and gave me some helpful tips for my own production. I could also access film websites such as Empire and Total Film. I used the Total Film website to research magazine front covers for my ancillary task!. I also used Empire magazine to compare some of the research I had completed on totalfilm.com I have also used websites such as google.com and other search engines to create a basis for all of my information. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Audience Survey I have created a survey for the people who have viewed my film trailer. Survey Results For the most part, the comments were very positive. I did however recieve some good constructive criticism that I can apply to my future work. Improvements to make! These are some of the points I would like to improve: 1. Create more steady shots.

2. Include more dialogue in parts where music features too much. Positive Comments "The props and mise en scen were incredible! You clearly put the effort in!" "I love the way you used special effects like the slow motion and quick cuts." "The variety of shot angles was really good and I loved the camera movements!!" Crediting the people Involved Filming With many thanks to:

Juliet Moranda
Shonni Douglas
Elizabeth Shaw Editing I did all the editing myself. This is something that I am very proud of because I was given a new Apple Mcabook Pro, which nobody new how to use but I managed to figure it out. Burning After having trouble burning movies onto a disc last year, I was pleasantly surprised that this time I burned my project to a disc without any trouble!! In order to find my target audience, I created a survey and headed to the local town centre. After collecting sufficient data I was able to create a profile on my target audience! Profile:
*Male and Female
*Aged between 15 and 30 years
*Likes horror/ thriller films
*Intelligent and well informed-- thus making it important to make sure every detail of the trailer to be accurate. My Thoughts:
I feel that there are many things I am proud of in my trailer, such as the mise en scene. However there are many things I would change. For example in the scene through the woods, I used a sideways angle and having looked back over this, it is something that I would change. I would also change some of the angles of the voodoo lady scene as I feel that the way the scenes jump to different angles (from the right and then from the left) will confuse the audience as they have not seen the camera movement to make that change in the angle.
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