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No description

Samuel Wisecarver

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Anesthesiology

Mean Salary: $246,320
Bachelor's Degree
Medical Degree
State Medical License
Pros & Cons
To acheive my goal of becoming an anesthesiologist I plan to enroll in many medical classes in high school along with anatomy and other classes to prepare me for college.
Paying for College
I plan to use my grades and acomplishments to pay for most of my college tuition and the rest I should be able to pay out of pocket withought taking out any student loans.
I plan to attend Quilin College of medicine at ETSU. After some research I found that the average price for a semester at ETSU for an in-state student is about $6000
Anesthesiology is important to me because I like to help others along with have close contact with my patients. Anesthesiology is also important to me because it is a very close group that is hard to get into and it takes lots of work.
Many years of study
long work hours
Exciting job
Well respected
Contact with patients
High salary
My interest in anesthesiology should display that I demand a lot from myself and I have very high standards for myself. My financial Goal is to be able to live a nice life and not have to always worry about money limiting me.
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