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No description

Kira Ozant

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of PewDiePie

Kira Ozant
Who is PewDiePie?
He is a YouTuber
He makes videos about games he plays
Many people enjoy his work
His Childhood
He was born on October 24 of the year 1989 and to this day he is 24
Pewdiepie was given his name by both his parents
His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
He was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden
Growing up he has always loved technology and video games
Schooling Years
After graduating from High school, he wanted to move onto college.
Felix (Pewdiepie) went to Goteborgs Horgre
He wanted to take Technology classes so he then went to Chalmers University of Technology for Technology Management in 2011
He left the University to do YouTube after he started to get popular
The start of his Career and turning points along the way
Other Information about
his career
Pewdiepie has met some other YouTubers and has made videos with them
Even though Felix gets paid for making YouTube videos because of his partnership with YouTube (The ad at the beginning of a video or on this side as you watch the video support YouTubers) he does not consider it a job, just a hobby.
He has a Facebook and Twitter to communicate with his Bros, or Subscribers
Current day Pewdiepie
Pewdiepie has become so popular with over 24 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Almost 25 million
He has come so far to being the #1 most subscribed on YouTube
He is still with Marzia
He might be a little vulgar with his speech, in cursing, but he isn't any worse than your everyday songs you listen to
He continues to increase everyday still claiming title of Most Subscribed on YouTube
He lives in the UK
Pewdiepie Finds his love for Technology and Video Games
Since he has always loved Technology this was a good start to getting into his YouTube career, even as a kid he enjoyed playing video games and using what ever technology he could
Happy People
Some people say that after having a bad day they go watch Pewdiepie and think he is so funny that he just makes their day 100% better, I am not that over dramatic but I do enjoy his videos and they always bring a smile to my face and a laugh here or there. Without PewDiePie on YouTube, it would feel empty.
Starting YouTube
He had finally discovered YouTube in 2009 and still to this day he has his YouTube channel.
YouTube Video
Thank You
He started while he was in College, in 2009 and he was not as active as he is today
Felix then meets his current girlfriend Marzia Bisognin, and Italian who didn't know much English when they met
He had started to call all his subscribers "Bro" no matter if they were male or female and started to end his videos with a brofist
Pewdiepie had started out small and didn't expect to to be so popular later
Thursday, 3-13-14
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